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10 Jobs Likely to be Automated in the Next Couple of Decades10 Jobs Likely to be Automated in the Next Couple of Decades

Self-driving cars, computerized surgeries and robots that take your order. Forget about human outsourcing, the biggest workforce shift for nearly half of Americans in the next decade or two might be caused by automation.

Ann Arbor: Birthplace of the Ultimate Mobile Device?Ann Arbor: Birthplace of the Ultimate Mobile Device?

The coolest mobile device in the world is being developed in Michigan. Researchers at the University of Michigan, fueled by federal funds and automotive partnerships, are creating the knowledge needed to achieve connectivity and automation in vehicle mobility.

Nike Invests in Silicon Valley Automated Manufacturing Company Grabit

Grabit uses electroadhesion technology that allows manufacturers in industries such as logistics, manufacturing and assembly to hold or grasp objects with little power and no actuation.

3-D Printing Meets Automated Manufacturing

Engineers are leveraging artificial intelligence to create software that could help designers make informed decisions about what 3-D printers and materials are best suited for their project.


including: RAPID Conference & Exposition, SME Annual Meeting and NAMRC
June 9-12, 2014
Detroit, Michigan

Mfg4 - Manufacturing 4 the Future 2014Mfg4 - Manufacturing 4 the Future 2014

May 6-8, 2014
Hartford, Connecticut