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Call for Authors, Editors and Technical Reviewers

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Are you interested in authoring a book or video for SME?
SME is looking to expand its list of book and video titles relevant to the manufacturing technologies, processes and business improvement practices that are at the forefront of innovation, sustainability and workforce development.  

As a publisher of authoritative manufacturing knowledge and content, SME provides assistance in all stages of book and video publishing from manuscript and script editing, layout and cover design, to marketing and distribution. All SME books and videos are actively promoted in national and international markets through our distributor network, trade shows, conferences and targeted marketing promotions to specific Technical Communities.

Developed by manufacturers for manufacturing
It is our members and technology experts throughout academia and manufacturing industries who share their knowledge to support all stages and levels of the manufacturing workforce.

Share your suggestions and writing plans with SME!

Contact SME Book and Video Publications HERE, email, or call 800.733.4763 today.