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IBISWorld: Decline in US Manufacturing Has Been Relative

The demise of American manufacturing has become a familiar headline. Technological change, deregulation, outsourcing and increasingly competitive foreign producers all continue to do their part in hollowing out the US industrial base. For instance, over the 10-year period to 2015, manufacturing’s share of the US economy (as measured by value added*) is expected to fall from 10.7% to 8.1%. Similarly, US manufacturing employment is anticipated to fall 15.6% over the same period.

Viewpoints Blog

Leveraging Partnerships to Exceed Your Customer’s Expectations and Win in the Marketplace

Change. In business, it’s happening faster than ever, across industries and across borders.  The rapid advancement and adoption of new technologies is exponentially speeding up the rate of change in the manufacturing industry, posing real business opportunities and challenges. Now more than ever, businesses are feeling immense pressure to deliver services and goods faster and better than the competition.


New Verisurf Programmable CMM Master Automated Shop Floor Inspection System

Verisurf Software, Inc. launched today the New CMM Master, Programmable CMM system. The complete automated shop floor inspection system combines the power of Verisurf software with the Equator comparative gauge; the result is a fast, easy, accurate, affordable and portable programmable CMM system. Verisurf CMM Master can greatly increase throughput and reduce scrap rates, at a fraction of the cost of traditional CMM systems.

Controls & Software

New Software Puts Big Data to Practical, Specific Use

Today’s metrology software—compared with applications available as recently as the turn of the century—is more accurate, has the capacity to analyze bigger data sets, is faster, and makes using it easier. “It’s mind boggling how fast it moves data. And that’s really critical to getting your job done,” said Ron Rode, past president of the Coordinate Metrology Society (Weatherford, TX). “Scanning is getting more and more accurate, you’re able to take bigger and more dense cloud points, and the software is getting much more robust.”


Aerospace Manufacturing Process Makeovers

Reducing operations, adding dynamic material removal improves CNC productivity

Event Coverage

WESTEC 2015: Grinder Experts to Exhibit New Centerless Grinder

Total Grinding Solutions (TGS) will be sending its new centerless grinder to the WESTEC show, scheduled from September 15 – 17 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The TGS team will exhibit in booth 815, along with several other companies that specialize in turnkey grinding systems, and grinder components, spare parts and service. TGS, a worldwide manufacturer of centerless grinding machines based in Warren, Mich., expects to make significant inroads in the West Coast manufacturing industry with its cost-effective and reliable machines.

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