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At the core of the new Manufacturing Knowledge Base Wiki is the nine-volume, encyclopedic-printed reference source, SME’s “Tool & Manufacturing Engineers Handbook.” TMEH provides comprehensive information on the most important manufacturing topics, featuring the combined knowledge of thousands of expert contributors and reviewers. And now that we’ve gone digital, you can be one of them! SME members have the ability to create, edit and update content with an easy-to-use wiki format. This is your chance to contribute to what’s important to you and your industry!


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SME's new Manufacturing Knowledge Base Wiki is another way your SME membership helps you to MEET | KNOW | GROW!

  • Participate in content development that is relevant to you, your job and your industry
  • Connect online with other content experts to share, discuss and contribute knowledge
  • Pass along your expertise to the next generation to build a stronger workforce
  • Gain recognition as an expert contributor and open doors to publishing and career advancement

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Participation in the Manufacturing Knowledge Base Wiki is exclusively for SME members only.

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