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2013 Chapter Recognition Award Winners

Due to all of their efforts in 2012, 21 local SME chapters have achieved platinum, gold, silver and bronze status. The four designated categories of success are: advancement of manufacturing, merit, professional development, and communication to members and the community. Requirements for the categories range from interaction with other chapters and community outreach to maintaining current websites and social media pages. 

2013 Chapter Recognition Award winners:

Gold Seal
Chicago Chapter 5
Elmira Chapter 24
Kansas City Chapter 57

Silver Seal
Cleveland Chapter 3
Seattle Chapter 39
Silicon Valley Chapter 98
Greater Charleston Chapter 430
Bronze Seal
Hartford Chapter 7
Columbus Chapter 36
Wichita Chapter 52
Atlanta Chapter 61
Madison Chapter 75
Memphis Chapter 105
Ozark Chapter 139
Lexington Chapter 154
Southern Piedmont Chapter 182
Orange Coast Chapter 233
Northeast Arkansas Chapter 246
Mid-Missouri Chapter 287
Southern New Hampshire Chapter 327
North Bay Chapter 431