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Untapped Talent Source in Manufacturing: Women

By Sarah A. Webster
Editor in Chief

As somebody who has walked the floors of FABTECH and IMTS, I've often thought: "Sheesh - Where are all the women?" That question often has been followed in my mind by this one: "I know how I would solve this workforce shortage ..."Sarah A. Webster

Well, today, Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute point out what many of us have been thinking for some time: You can't essentially exclude half the population and expect to NOT have a workforce problem.

Deloitte's recent report,  "Untapped resource: How manufacturers can attract, retain, and advance talented women" suggests that the manufacturing industry is missing the mark with its largest pool of untapped talent.     

The research suggests that manufacturers have a long way to go in order to improve the image of the industry as a female-friendly workplace. In fact: 

  • 51% of those surveyed cite the main driver of women’s underrepresentation in manufacturing is the perception of a male-favored culture 
  • 80% of respondents believe that manufacturers can improve their efforts to recruit women   

As many as 600,000 manufacturing jobs remain unfilled and 70% of manufacturing companies report experiencing a moderate to severe talent shortage. Addressing this crisis head on means taking steps to recruit, retain and promote women – or risk future success.  

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Published Date : 2/5/2013

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