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DMG Mori Develops Hybrid Additive/Subtractive Machine Line

By Jim Lorincz
Senior Editor

At Manufacturing Days 2013 held at its Davis, CA, manufacturing facility, Greg Hyatt, DMG Mori senior vice president and chief technology officer, announced that the company will introduce the first in a line of combination hybrid additive/subtractive machines at Euro-Mold in December. The hybrid machine is created by adding 3D printing capability to existing machine platforms for conventional metal removal processes. 3D printing heads deliver metal by spraying and sintering in place with a laser. The 3D printing head, which will be available on a portfolio of standard DMG Mori machines, will be stored opposite from the metal removal spindles and protected from contamination by chips or coolant. Inert gas shields the laser melting spray which can be adjusted by changing optics of the fiber optic laser. Currently there are more than 300 metal alloys that can be cost effectively applied with a cost per kilogram roughly equivalent to the price of bar or plate metal, said Hyatt. Spray delivery of the metal to the workpiece surface overcomes many of the workpiece size, material cost, and work envelope limitations of conventional bed-type 3D printers. Surface finish currently in the 125 Ra range is said to be possible. Deposition speed is related to laser power, which can range from 2 to 4kW  with a maximum of 10 kW possible. Cost differential of adding 3D printing capability to total machine price will be higher relative to the price of smaller machines and relatively less for larger machines. The portfolio of machines will include standard milling, turning, and multitasking machines currently available. A full portfolio of hybrid machines will be introduced at IMTS 2014.


Published Date : 11/19/2013

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