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Now Online: The April 2014 Issue of Manufacturing Engineering

The April 2014 edition of Manufacturing Engineering is now available as a digital magazine.  Links to individual articles are available on



Connecting the Digital World with the Factory Floor
New collaborative 3D plant process planning and visualization tools are helping manufacturers prove out PLM’s promise.

Additive Joins Subtractive for Advanced All-in-One Machines
New levels of hybrid multifunction machines are here, as five-axis milling mixes with laser deposition welding technologies.

Machine Controls Take Aim at the Job Shop
New CNCs, robot controls, and software enhancements help boost shop-floor productivity in job shops and high-end machining.

A Pathway to Approval for Additive-Made Devices
Devices made with additive manufacturing techniques often replace a similar, or predicate, device made in a different manner.

Is an Automotive Tooling Capacity Gap Looming?
OEM demand for vendor tooling will rapidly expand over the next five years.


UPFRONTApril 2014 Cover
The Digital Manufacturing Divide

CMS to Offer New Portable 3D Metrology Certification

Technology Transition: Key Ingredient to Ensuring Manufacturing Innovation Through NNMI Institutes

Illinois and Michigan Win Manufacturing Hubs

SPC Software Helps Manufacturers Detect and Solve Process Problems

New Carbon Nanotubes Outperform Copper as Electrical Conductors

Volumetric Machining Lightens Racing Manifold Intakes
Feeding the Beast at Miller Welding with FMS
CNC Provides Shop with Needed Flexibility

Programming Creativity at Missouri Southern

Manufacturing is the New "IT" Career


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Additive or Subtractive?
From our archives, read this 2005 article examining additive versus subtractive methods of prototyping.

On the Cover: Digital manufacturing tools hold great promise for reducing product development costs while speeding new designs’ time to market. Automotive 3D models like the one shown here in Autodesk Inventor are widely used with PLM systems for digital prototyping new products. Image courtesy Autodesk Inc. 

Published Date : 4/1/2014

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