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Preparing Your Proposal for Submission

Preparing a proposal for a new book title and/or video program is an important step in developing a project. It’s also necessary to assess your idea and arriving at a publishing decision.

Before submitting your Proposal Submission Form, make sure you have the following information ready for submission:


  • What job functions, titles, and/or industries your subject serves?
  • What are the problems, pains, or demands experienced by the market? How will your book/video address these?
  • What are some comparable titles in the market? How will your subject matter differ?


  • What is your subject about?
  • hat are the key features and advantages of your subject?
  • What are the proposed segments?
  • Is there a table of contents?
  • What is the projected length of the manuscript/video program?
  • How many illustrations do you estimate being included? In what format will these be prepared?
  • If you have a sample chapter, outline, or script, we highly recommend submitting this with your proposal. Please email to


  • When would the first draft be available?
  • When would the final be available?


Please include a suggested list of reviewers for the proposal with complete contact information. Please note that reviewers should be authorities in the field or fall within the target audience.