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SME Chapters in Massachusetts

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An (*) next to the name of the chapter listing indicates previous year information. For those chapters not showing a chapter chair, please contact SME Member Services Department for further information at or 800.733.4763. 


Boston Chapter 33

David Smith
339.927.4251 (B) | Email

Worcester Chapter 25
Paul Goodness
508.852.0215 (B) | Email


Boston University S063

(Sponsor: Boston Chapter 33)
Theo A. De Winter, PE
617.353.9893 (B) | Email

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth S296
(Sponsor: Hartford Chapter 7)
Sherif D. El Wakil, PhD
508.999.8594 (B) | Email

Wentworth Institute of Technology S007
(Sponsor: Boston Chapter 33)
Peter Rourke, CMfgE
617.989.4224 (B) | Email

Worcester Polytechnic Institute S190
(Sponsor: Worcester Chapter 25)
Torbjorn Bergstrom
508.831.5823 (B) | Email