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NAMRC Student Research Presentation Award

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As part of the annual North American Manufacturing Research Conference (NAMRC), a Student Research Presentation Award is presented in recognition of students' contributions to NAMRC. Encouraging young talents to pursue a career in manufacturing research is of vital importance to the long-term goals of the manufacturing community.

Award criteria are as follows:

  • A student coauthor of a paper accepted by NAMRC is eligible to participate in the contest. The contest is based on the student's oral presentation of the paper at the conference. The student presentations will be part of regular technical sessions and have the same time limitations.
    Eligibility as a student is established as long as an individual is an undergraduate or graduate student, full or part-time, at the time of their oral presentation of the paper at the conference. Postdoctoral and research engineers are excluded because they are generally considered staff members.
  • The presentations will be judged by a panel, which is comprised of the NAMRI/SME Honors Committee members or their delegates. Panel members will not judge their own students.
  • The judgment will be primarily based on clarity of presentation, including oral expression and use of visual aids. Originality and scientific merit of material presented may also be taken into account.
  • First, second and third-place winners will be announced either during the NAMRI/SME Awards Luncheon or at the NAMRI/SME General Membership Meeting at NAMRC.

Annual submission deadline is Dec. 15. To participate, click here.