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Below is a small fraction of the comments received from participants attending the SME Leadership Series since it began in 2006.

"I signed up with SME purely for the purpose of attending this seminar. I'd have to say it is well worth it. I should have joined sooner." Diana Doan | JAE Oregon Inc. | Member Since 2014

“We would like a version of the SME Leaderships Series to come to the MS&T Campus and present to the student body, because we feel, as students of MS&T, many students are not fully prepared for the real world of engineering and the environment that it entails. We believe that by attending the modified version of the SME Leadership Series, students will gain knowledge that will help them to attain jobs upon graduation, as well as give them the tools necessary for success.”
Rachel Lutz and Mark Parra | Missouri University of Science and Technology | Members Since 2014 and 2012

“This was a really fantastic experience; I learned a lot. I feel I will be more engaged.”
Paulin Katamba | Continuous Improvement Manager | Ensign Energy | Member Since 2009

“This is my first SME Leadership Series. I got to talk with other students from different student chapters, and also people from other states who are involved with SME. Attending meeting helps networking with others.”
Dika Handayani | Student | Cal Poly Pomona | Member Since 2012

“I wanted to receive inspiration and techniques for leading our SME chapters and tech group. The SME Leadership Series conference delivered exactly the tools needed to lead.”
Raymond Rubocki | Sr. Manufacturing Engineer – Controls | Cooper Power Systems | Member Since 1984

“Attending the SME Leadership Series at Long Beach, CA, I had the opportunity to learn new skills in recruitment, retention and leadership. I look forward to returning to my local chapter and applying the skills learned.”
Jim A. Ayala | Student | Member Since 2012

“I appreciate that information I need is available to me when I need it. In manufacturing there are continuous challenges and change occurs rapidly. SME membership helps me stay current.”
Eugene Bradley | Production Manager | Hofmann Engineering North America | Member Since 2002

“It was great and very helpful. Thank you.”
Kevin W. Doyle | Apprentice | Newport News Shipyard | Member Since 2012

“Nice program that pushes you out of your comfort zone to achieve more.”
Michael Haanen | President | Haanen Packard Machinery Inc. | Member Since 2008

“I wish every offer and member of our chapter could attend the Leadership Series.”
Helen Greathouse | Owner | Greenville Design | Member Since 1986

“Attending the SME Leadership Series allowed me to meet many members and realize the opportunities that SME has to offer me.”
Brittany Hunn | Engineering Management | Missouri University of Science and Technology | Member Since 2009  

“Increases my knowledge and helps me sharpen my leadership skills through participation at different events.”
Subba Rao Potru | Manufacturing Engineering | The Boeing Company | Member Since 1976

“I am very impressed with this session. I plan to use what I have learned.”
Kenneth Harvey | Service Engineer | K&P Machine Tool Services Inc. | Member Since 2009

“SME has provided a ton of practical experience and training, which has helped me to improve and grow in both my personal and professional life.”
Shaun L. McGraw | Custom Sales Engineer | Seasons 4 | Member Since 1994

"I am glad I joined SME. It offers great value to my professional development and broden my view of manufacturing.”
ao Du, Manufacturing Technology Manager | Schlumberger | Member Since 2011

“For me personally, SME has trained me to be a better leader and speaker both at work and personally.”
Robert R. Bartz | Tube Fabrication Manager | Member Since 2006

“What a wonderful and worthwhile experience! I came to get reaquainted with SME senior and student member benefits and am leaving extremely pleased with what I have learned. Thank you for the opportunity.”
Austin Cheney, PhD, CMfgE, PE | Dean, School of Management and Engineering Technology | Alfred State College | Member Since 1993

“I would highly impress upon all current leaders, future leaders and even members, that if and when the opportunity arises again, to make the effort to attend — you will be glad you did.”
Daniel Acciacca, Supplier Quality Engineer | Chrysler JNAP | Member Since 2006