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Eastern Laser Cutter is Well Received

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DONGGUAN, China, July 9, 2012 — With more and more Australian shoe-marking companies showing interests in "laser cut cloth," Eastern laser cutter starts hitting Australia shoe-marking industry. Eastern Laser has exported more than 1,000 sets laser cutters to Australia in the previous five months.

Laser cutter has become one of the modernist cutting methods in the world in 21th century, and play more and more important role in many different industries, such as leather, shoe-making, fabric, advertisement, handcrafts, gift, wedding card, package and printing, etc.

Compared with conventional cutting tools, laser cutting make improvement in precision and speed, even for small design cutting and complicated design cutting, perfect cutting result is realizable.

Laser cutting machine will be of help to make the industrial products competitive and win the market with high quality goods. Take laser cut acrylic as example; if by conventional cutting tools, acrylic sheet needs to be polished after cutting, but if by laser cutting, it is not necessary, the cutting edge is smooth and bright.

For shoe-marking industry, even for large-scale factory, they use module cutting, it is a big cost to change different module for different design .but if with laser machine, and it is possible to make any design easily.

In a word, laser cutting machine is one of the most popular cutting tools in 21th century because of the high precision, high speed and low maintenance cost.


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