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Solvent-Free Coating to Protect Wind Turbines

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KGS. LYNGBY, Denmark, October 31, 2012 — With a six-hour drying time, the new protective coating dries two hours faster than its predecessor, the manufacturer says.

Hempel has launched a solvent-free version of its protective coating for offshore wind turbine foundations. The new coating has been developed with a focus on improving efficiency and on helping wind turbine manufacturers reduce solvent emissions. Six-hour drying time
Developed specifically for splash zone protection of offshore steel structures, "Hempadur Multi-Strength 3546”0 is the new, fast-drying version of the "45753” product line. With a six-hour drying time, it dries two hours faster than its predecessor, Hempel says. Anders Voldsgaard Clausen, group wind power segment manager, believes this can have a major impact on a wind turbine manufacturer’s productivity.

Faster production, higher efficiency
"It depends on the production set-up, but a six-hour drying time makes it possible for most factories to coat a foundation twice within the same shift,” says Clausen. "This means faster production, higher efficiency and ultimately lower costs for the manufacturer.” Since the product is solvent-free, manufacturers will be able to meet strict guidelines on solvents, Hempel says.


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