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Makers of Stamped Metal Parts Enhance Precision Forming, Customization

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TAIWAN, January 14, 2013 — Suppliers of stamped metal parts in mainland China continue to upgrade equipment under efforts to elevate product precision. They target to boost releases with 0.02 to 0.05 mm tolerance, which are improvements from the previous 0.5 to 0.8 mm. For upscale units, manufacturers are keeping it tighter at 0.002 mm.

Wah Sing Electronic Co. invests $10,000 to $100,000 in annual acquisition of machines. It has 20 high-speed punching units from Taiwan with a combined capacity of 20 to 160 tons per sqm. For QC, the maker uses a 2-D optical measuring vision system, optical comparators, zoom microscopes, a steam age controller, XRF plating thickness and Rockwell hardness testers and force gauges. It has about 20 years of experience in developing and manufacturing custom stamped parts.

More enterprises are also adopting CAD, with AutoCAD, Pro/E and CAXA the most popular options. Some large suppliers utilize integrated CAD, CAE and CAM systems and maintain a dedicated team with 10 to 50 technicians. To enhance customization capability, companies are strengthening skills in mold making and die-casting. They have achieved 0.001 mm mold tolerance from 0.05 mm.

Xiamen Teke Tooling Industry Co. Ltd offers stamping dies, in addition to metal parts. Its factory is equipped with Agie and Sodick wire-cutting and Waida optical profile grinding machines, EDMs from the second brand, and high-precision grinding and universal tool microscopes from Germany.

Wah Sing can provide 20 sets of new molds per month. The manufacturer can also design, build and repair tooling. It has an in-house workshop with slow wire cutting, precision grinding and milling machines from Japan.

Makers also leverage capability to handle different types of metal for specific applications. Haoji Stamping Tool & Die Co. Ltd uses galvanized mild steel to make automotive VCD/DVD player and TV parts such as chassis, frames, holders and brackets. Its products are adopted by Assa Abloy, Carl Zeiss, Flextronics, Phoenix, Panasonic, Sony and Sharp. Targeting electronic components and parts, the supplier concentrates on copper and its alloys, including brass, red, beryllium and phosphor bronze.

To boost competitiveness, many businesses have reduced the minimum order quantity and turnaround time. Shenzhen Tairisheng Industry Co. Ltd and Wah Sing are now accommodating fewer than 1,000 units.

Suppliers provide molds within 15 to 35 days. For 1,000 stamped metal pieces, small makers have a lead time of 10 to 20 days and their larger counterparts seven to 10 days. When requested, prototypes can be readied in about a week after tooling.

Businesses also offer services such as sheet-metal fabrication for small orders, and die stamping for large ones. Welding assemblies and surface finishing are available as well.

Most exporting companies operate under ISO 9001. Suppliers such as Shenzhen Tairisheng implement six sigma to meet higher requirement.

The metal stamped parts and dies industry in China has been growing, posting an annual output increase of 30 to 35 percent in 2008-12. The trend is expected to prevail in the months ahead.

For 2013 exports, most makers expect as much as a 30 percent increase in revenue. Other enterprises are not as optimistic, anticipating a 5 to 10 percent reduction due to the economic situation in the Europe and the United States. These areas will, however, remain key destinations, in addition to the Middle East.

OEM/ODM orders make up the bulk of overseas shipments, accounting for 90 percent of total sales.

There are more than 2,000 suppliers of stamped metal parts in China, mainly based in Guangdong province and the Yangtze River Delta region. Over 80 percent of them are small operations with a 30-ton monthly capacity. About 10 percent are midsize businesses. The rest are large manufacturers capable of surpassing 200 tons per month.

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