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Introduce Additive Manufacturing Technology To FIRST Championship Event!

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Goal — Manufacture as many FIRST AM Flying Discs as possible between now and the end of the FIRST Championship event on April 27th!

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio, April 11, 2013 — NAMII will provide a model file that has a location for your logo to be added. We are requesting that you fabricate as many Flying Discs as possible and provide them for distribution at the event. Flying Discs must be received before April 26 to get distributed. Polymer only please, we do not want to hurt anyone. We will have a rolling counter that presents how many AM Flying Discs were fabricated and how many companies participated. Interested parties can contact me for a model and additional details at The top three producers will be recognized and a full list of participants will be shared at the completion of the event.

NAMII, in partnership with Oak Ridge National Labs Manufacturing Demonstration Facility, will be introducing Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies at the 2013 FIRST Championship on April 24-27 in Saint Louis. This event is culmination of the FIRST season and they are expecting more than 30,000 kids/coaches/corporate partners. FIRST is an outstanding program that provides fun and meaningful technical challenges for students from K-H and leverages mentors of all ages. FIRST Values talk about “Gracious Professionalism® and Coopertition®” that capture the essence of what NAMII looks to foster within the AM community at large. For more information about FIRST see

Over the past three years, ORNL’s MDF has been mentoring a growing population of FIRST Robotic High School teams. Each year ORNL has made additive technologies available to the students and each time they have advanced their abilities and successful utilization of AM solutions. Looking at the task of Technology Transition, this model is as good as it gets. Within three seasons, ORNL has gone from mentoring one team to thirteen teams and 550 high school students. One of these teams has a robot that has over 80 percent of its components built by additive technologies.

Over the next year, NAMII would like to work with its membership to establish a network to grow the support of FIRST Programs by leveraging the efforts like those of ORNL. We will be asking for members to help develop a recognition program that fosters FIRST Values as they apply to AM. Ideas like students creating and growing AM design rules and AM compliant part databases will be explored.

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Additional Information:
Bill Macy
NAMII Deputy Director, Technology Transition
636.294.9109 (B)
314.705.9071 (C)


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