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Competition Launched for Three New Manufacturing Innovation Institutes

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WASHINGTON, D.C., May 9, 2013 — Today, it was announced that competitions are being launched to create three new manufacturing innovation institutes with a Federal commitment of $200 million across five Federal agencies — Defense, Energy, Commerce, NASA and the National Science Foundation. To build off the initial success of a pilot institute headquartered in Youngstown, Ohio, three new manufacturing innovation institutes will be launched this year. 

The Department of Defense will lead two of the new institutes, focused on “Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation” and “Lightweight and Modern Metals Manufacturing,” and the Department of Energy will be leading one new institute on “Next Generation Power Electronics Manufacturing.” 

All three institutes will be selected through an open, competitive process, led by the Departments of Energy and Defense, with review from a multiagency team of technical experts. Winning teams will be selected and announced later this year. Federal funds will be matched by industry co-investment, support from state and local governments, and other sources. Like the pilot institute, these institutes are expected to become financially self-sustaining, and the plan to achieve this objective will be a critical evaluation criterion in the selection process. DOD and DOE are opening the competition for the three new institutes immediately. For more information:


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