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Should Data or Process Come First for PLM?

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MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, Canada, August 2, 2013 — Should the path to product lifecycle management (PLM) implementation begin by organizing your data? Or does the most value derive from getting your processes enabled by PLM? In this episode of Tech4PD, duelling analysts Jim Brown and Chad Jackson discuss this classic chicken-versus-egg scenario. Vote for the most compelling argument.

Brown argues that design teams need to manage and revision control files, but to go further with PLM requires understanding what processes need support before knowing what data is needed in the first place. Process drives the requirements for data. Jackson insists that job-one for successful PLM is to get the data, not just CAD and other files but information, centrally accessible and secure. If processes are enabled in PLM by poor data, decisions will be impacted negatively.

Check out the video below for the full debate. Then click here to vote on who won.

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