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SME Welcomes Its Newest Staff Member

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DEARBORN, Mich., March 28, 2014 — SME is pleased to announce that Kevin Ayers is the newest member of its staff as the industry manager, additive manufacturing/3D printing.

Kevin comes to SME from industry, with more than 30 years of experience with the FBI. He has also been an active and dedicated SME member and volunteer leader with SME’s Rapid Technologies & Additive Manufacturing Community and RAPID event. Kevin has organized the successful RAPID Art Gallery at the event for the last several years. He has excellent networking skills and strong relationships inside the additive manufacturing community, especially with manufacturers. Kevin speaks several languages, has international experience and is also active in AMUG (the Additive Manufacturing Users Group).

Kevin will be developing and managing SME’s various activities in the additive manufacturing/3D printing technology space. Although SME/RTAM has been active in this technology for more than 20 years, the latest interest, advancements and opportunities in this field require a more holistic approach.

SME’s team that currently works on various projects — Maria Conrado on the RAPID event/Additive Manufacturing Certificate Program and Ralton Emory on the RTAM Community/Bright Minds Mentor Program/Skills USA — will continue their responsibilities. What Kevin will bring in his role is an overarching strategy, synergy and connectedness that is needed, and should provide even more opportunities for SME in this exciting field.

Kevin will also serve on the Governance Board of America Makes (National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute). Debbie Holton, SME’s interim managing director of industry and technology, will continue to serve as the society’s representative to the America Makes Executive Committee.

Kevin’s first day at SME is March 31. All of us at SME are very excited to have him on staff and look forward to the efforts of staff and members to continue to advance additive manufacturing and its related technologies and processes.

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