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Q&A on the Aerofied Preferred Supplier Pavilion at AeroDef Manufacturing with Composites Manufacturing

AeroDef Manufacturing with Composites Manufacturing is taking on the traditional tradeshow floor experience and tailoring it to fit the needs of both attendees and exhibitors in the aerospace and defense manufacturing industry. The Aerofied Preferred Supplier Pavilion will be a special feature launched in 2016 to strategically match attendees with suppliers to have face-to-face conversations about business needs and solutions.

Aerofied, a company that was created to help advance small advanced manufacturing companies by connecting them to large aerospace and defense companies, will be managing the pavilion. Aerofied President Collin Jager provides insights on this new feature at AeroDef and the overall approach.

Q1. What is the goal of the Aerofied Preferred Supplier Pavilion at AeroDef Manufacturing in 2016?
A1. We are looking to really enhance the networking environment. We will qualify attendees and their needs or interests and point them in the exact direction of the company that could provide them with solutions and products.

Q2. How is this different from a traditional manufacturing tradeshow floor?
A2. It can be frustrating for an attendee to walk a tradeshow floor and potentially only connect with a handful of companies, potentially passing over some great opportunities. That same can be said for exhibitors, who get the luck of the draw, as attendees walk by. With the Preferred Supplier Pavilion, we are essentially acting like for attendees and exhibitors.

The Pavilion is a great venue for connecting smaller advanced manufacturing companies to large aerospace and defense manufacturing companies and OEMs.

Q3. Who will benefit from visiting the Pavilion?
A3. Every attendee. Attendees who have specific needs, looking for specific products, technology or machinery, as well as the suppliers in the pavilion who have very specific products or services. Attendees will have a company’s one-on-one attention to answer questions and learn more.

Q4. I’m planning to attend AeroDef and would like to visit the Pavilion – do I need to register?
A4. No, just go to the Pavilion.

Q5. Are the suppliers in the Pavilion different from the companies on the show floor?
5. Each supplier will be unique even if they share similar capabilities with other companies on the floor.

Q6. How many companies will be in the Pavilion?
A6. We have a 120 company limit.

Q7. Who are the preferred suppliers?
A7. View the full list, and their videos, here:

Q8. How can a company become a preferred supplier in the Pavillion?
A8. They can contact me directly: Collin Jager, 310-483-5281,

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