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Outcome Assessments


Outcome Assessments for Educators and Industry Groups

Educators and students alike see the value of SME Outcome Assessments. Developed in partnership with industry professionals and leaders, SME Outcome Assessments have been designed as the standard bodies of knowledge in their respective areas. The Outcome Assessments help educators with curriculum enrichment, supporting accreditation requirements, enabling professors to evaluate and validate their programs, and preparing students for industry roles.

Outcome Assessments include:

Benefits to Educators:

  • Support ABET or other accreditation requirements
  • Document trends in student and program performance
  • Ensure the program is meeting program objectives
  • Guide future curriculum content decisions
  • Ensure that student knowledge links with industry standards
  • Support grant proposals

Benefits to Students:

  • Earn a knowledge certificate or professional credential – a great resume builder!
  • Identify students' areas of strength and those that may require more study
  • Stand out from the crowd with well-balanced knowledge
  • Begin a career with validated knowledge on day one

Feedback from Educators on SME Outcome Assessments

“I encourage my students to pursue certification so they can receive the same benefits of certification that I have. Those benefits include increased knowledge through study and recognition by peers. Also, with increased attention to assessment in engineering education, certification test results give [educators] a means by which we can measure our progress in achieving educational goals.”

Pat Ferro, PhD, CMfgE
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Gonzaga University

“Pittsburg State Electronics Engineering Technology program has used the EET exam now for four consecutive years. The results of its use have been utilized in program improvement as well as preparation for an ABET ETAC accreditation for the program.”

Dr. James Lookadoo
Pittsburg State University
Electronics Engineering Technology

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