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The bar for staying competitive keeps rising in every industry. The success of your business depends upon your most important assets – your employees. If your employees don’t have the right knowledge and skills then your business isn’t operating as efficiently or as effectively as it could and that could be costing you more than you realize.

Certifications and assessments are a standardized method for evaluating employee knowledge and providing you with measurable results that can be tied to development plans and business objectives.


Download a PDF explaining the different programs and benefits.

Through an examination analysis report (PDF), you can view how your staff performed in each topic area of the exam. This is useful to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

Why assess, train, and certify your workforce?

  • Improve overall performance – as your workforce’s performance improves so does your organization.
  • Reduce turnover – companies report as much as a 50% reduction in turnover from hiring certified employees.
  • Provide objective evaluation against your company’s goals.
  • Assessments identify workforce knowledge gaps.
  • Identify and evaluate strengths and weaknesses within your operations.
  • Provide employees with opportunity for advancement, continuous improvement, and credibility.
  • Investing in employees’ development shows you place a high value on their contribution – increasing their commitment and loyalty.
  • Provides industry accepted and approved validation.
  • Demonstrates employee proficiency through validation of skills.
  • Invest in the future quality and growth of your operations.
  • Strengthen relationships with partners, customers, and suppliers and be recognized for specific capabilities.

Read and view video testimonials from our customers about certification and outcome assessments.

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