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SME is the primary source for knowledge dissemination for the broad field of manufacturing engineering and technology. Beginning with the SME Education Foundation (SME-EF), which inspires and encourages America's youth to excel in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through specific programs, grants and scholarships. As these students enter into college, our message remains strong: careers in manufacturing are exciting, challenging and rewarding. Therefore, high-quality manufacturing-oriented education programs must exist at every level — associate, bachelor's, master's and doctorate — to ensure that industry's needs for in-depth knowledge and skills are met.

Our academic tools are designed to support the transfer of knowledge from classroom to real-life careers. SME strongly supports the continued growth of manufacturing-named programs that prepare the next generation of manufacturing workers. SME is your partner in education.

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Authors and Contributors Wanted: Become Published

SME provides assistance in all stages of book publishing from supporting research, editing, layout and cover design to marketing and distribution. All SME books and videos are actively promoted in national and international markets through its distributor network, SME events and targeted direct mail promotion to specific Technical Communities.

In addition, SME offers opportunities to submit and/or review written technical papers, research papers and articles. These mediums are an important way to share information with our members, Technical Communities and chapters and can result in additional activities such as webinars or conference speaking.

Academic Tools: Books and Video

Use SME's book and video content to achieve your educational objectives and support the knowledge required of tomorrow's workforce. Visit to search on any of the following resources.

  • Fundamental Study and Assessment
  • Complete Training Packages
  • Industry Insight and Process Improvement
  • Journals and Periodicals
  • Knowledge Edge

Measurements through Outcome Assessments

Add to your credentials while helping students gain a valuable credential as well. In addition, prepare your students (and give them an edge) for the workplace with relevant technical, practical and managerial knowledge by administering an outcome assessment exam for your academic curriculum.

Outcome assessments are the preferred metric for four-year academic institutions to verify program effectiveness and productivity, while supporting ABET A-K accreditation requirements. You'll have an externally validated measure of student achievement, plus unbiased feedback on the knowledge transfer that occurred within your academic program.

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