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The Fundamental Manufacturing Processes (FMP) is the perfect supplement to your workforce development training. This 44-program video series provides solid, in-depth examples and applications of technologies and processes that drive manufacturing. Each video comes with a downloadable outline and study guide with review questions.

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FMP Video Series Collection

Click the titles below for previews and additional information on each video in this series. Purchase the entire series to save up to 20% off list price. A FMP program sampler is available that highlights important manufacturing processes.

Brazing & Soldering
Composite Materials & Manufacturing
Computer Numerical Control
Cutting Tool Geometries
Cutting Tool Materials
Deburring Processes
Die Casting
Electrical Discharge Machining
Extrusion Processes
Fastening & Assembly
Gears & Gear Manufacturing
Heat Treating
Industrial Robotics
Measurement & Gaging
Mechanical & Non-Destructive Testing
Metalcutting Fluids
Milling & Machining Centers
Painting & Powder Coating
Plastic Blow Molding
Plastic Injection Molding
Plastic Injection Molds
Plastic Thermoforming
Plastics Finishing
Plastics Machining & Assembly
Plating & Surface Coatings
Powder Metallurgy
Punch Presses
Rapid Prototyping
Roll Forming
Sheet Metal Coil Processing
Sheet Metal Shearing & Bending
Sheet Metal Stamping Dies & Processes
Sheet Metal Stamping Presses
Thermal & Abrasive Waterjet Cutting
Tube Bending
Turning & the Lathe