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Future of American Manufacturing

PBS Host Yul Kwon discovers strength in American manufacturing. He finds the field is experiencing a tremendous upheaval.  More

PBS Host Yul Kwon began a journey across the United States to find out if the misconceptions of American manufacturing were true.

"I'd heard that our jobs have all gone overseas. That we didn't make anything anymore," said Kwon. "But there's another story out there."

As he travelled across the United States, Kwon expected to find weakness in U.S. manufacturing.

Instead, he found strength.

"It's a misconception that America is not making things like it used to," said Steve Cousins, president and CEO of Willow Garage, a company that develops hardware and open source software for personal robotics applications. "Maybe we produce less physical things but in terms of innovation, I mean, where does Google come from? Where does Facebook come from? It's not like that was an accident. It's a way that we think about things."

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