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Lean Gold Certification

Take your lean training to a strategic level.

Lean Gold Certification recognizes your education and training in all aspects of lean transformation across an entire enterprise. It represents career progression to a point of influence and authority over assets, processes, and people.

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You’ll study and learn lean from these key modules from the Lean Certification Body of Knowledge (PDF):

  • Module 1: Cultural Enablers (25%)
  • Module 2: Continuous Process Improvement (15%)
  • Module 3: Consistent Lean Enterprise Culture (30%)
  • Module 4: Business Results (30%)

To apply for Lean Gold Certification, candidates should have five or more years of professional experience that includes overseeing various improvement teams, driving changes that span multiple value streams, leading and coaching other leaders in the transformation process, and a demonstrated success in driving both lean organizational and human development efforts.

Lean Gold Certification Blueprint

The Lean Gold Blueprint (PDF) provides additional information beyond the Lean Certification Body of Knowledge (PDF) by going a step further and specifying relevant segments of the Body of Knowledge and providing additional details on the proficiency expected for Lean Gold Certification.

Essential Body of Work

The Essential Body of Work (EBW) (PDF) describes the baseline knowledge, skills, and abilities required by lean professionals and lays the groundwork for understanding and evaluating the Lean Gold Certification requirements. It will help you better envision your role and evaluate your readiness for certification.

Ready to begin your journey toward Lean Gold Certification? Here are the steps you’ll take to earn your certification.

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If you have questions or need additional information email us, complete an online inquiry form, or call SME Customer Care at 800.733.4763 or 313.425.3000.

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