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Lean Certification: Corporate Groups

Developed by SME, AME, ASQ and The Shingo Prize, this rigorous Lean Certification program is the benchmark for achievements and personal growth in Lean. It is the industry standard recognized by Lean-oriented companies and individuals as comprehensive, timely and effective.

Our Lean program for Corporate Groups is a turnkey and customized approach. Our team works with you to develop the right action plan to train and develop your employees to meet the requirements for earning their Lean Certification. The Lean Certification Body of Knowledge is overseen by industry and academia, is the standard index of knowledge areas required for competency within a profession and provides a roadmap for deep-dive training.

Company Benefits

  • Training and development
    • Growth milestones
    • Assessment of employee knowledge
    • Understand training/development needs
  • Employee relations / recognition
  • Job advancement / career progression
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Improved long-term company performance

The journey begins with the Lean Bronze Certification.

SME has worked with companies, consultants, trainers and staff to help start employees on their personal lean certification journey. Here is a sample of the organization and/or their employees involved in lean certification.


• 3M
• BAE Systems
• Ballard Power Systems
• Boston Scientific
• Corning
• Cummins Inc
• Del Monte
• Eli Lilly
• Energizer
• Esterline Technologies
• Ford Motor Company
• General Electric Company
• Halliburton
• Husky Injection Molding
• Hytek Finishes
• Intel
• John Deere
• Johnson & Johnson
• Korry Electronics
• Kvichak Marine Industries
• Marvin Windows & Doors
• Medtronic
• Raytheon
• Rolls Royce Corp
• The Boeing Company
• Timken
• TRW Automotive
• United Airlines


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