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Polishing Up on Matters of Process

Editor in Chief Sarah A. Webster


For more than 35 years, MPC Industrial Products (Irvine, CA) has been precisely grinding and polishing metals for airplaces, medical devices and other high-quality products. An ISO 9001/AS9100 certified organization, MPC specializes in finishing the large aluminum skins (up to 8 × 40' [2.4 × 12.2 m]) that wrap the fuselage of the Boeing 737 and other aircraft. Full Article

How A Vendor Managed Inventory System (VMI) Benefits Business

Matthew D. Malkie, Director, Marketing, Military & Commercial Fasteners Corp.


When a manufacturer has excess inventory not adding value to the process, the inventory is hurting the company’s balance sheet, and is by definition wasteful. Having excess physical inventory on hand increases the need for expensive warehousing space, not to mention the risk of obsolescence. All of these carrying costs put the enterprise at a financial risk. Full Article

Lean Machining--Integrating the Supply Chain

Michael G. Beason, CEO, Supplier Excellence Alliance (SEA)


In the aviation cluster of Wichita, Kansas, Cox Machine has been producing aerospace machined components for almost 60 years. Founded by Ernest “Bud” Cox in his garage, the company has grown to 180 employees and roughly $28M in revenue. Cox’s primary products are structural components and assemblies, and it produces products through machining or sheetmetal fabrication. Full Article

Can Lean Help Grease the Way in Oil & Gas?

Contributing Editor Bruce Morey


Lean manufacturing is generally seen as being best suited to the automotive and similar industries. Full Article

Lean in Aerospace Metal Finishing: From Industry Step-Child to Lean Poster Child

Douglas Greene, President, Hixson Metal Finishing


Metal Finishing has historically been known as a messy, poorly organized and managed profession with little accountability and aggravation in spades for all stakeholders.  But small California supplier Hixson Metal Finishing is working to obliterate that reputation and make it as sterling as their long-time home of Newport Beach is beautiful.  Full Article

The Toyota Way: Helping Others Help Themselves

Jeffrey K. Liker & James K. Franz, Co-Authors


As we have struggled over the years to make sense of what we learned from Toyota, and to teach it to others in many business sectors, we have developed a broader and deeper view of this thing called “lean.”  Full Article

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