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Precise, Clean, Lightweight Joining with Laser Welding

Contributing Editor Bruce Morey


Welding with lasers is a key enabler for a growing number of applications, such as lightweighting. Take, for example, tailor welded blanks (TWB), in which sheets of steel are tailor welded with different thicknesses, strengths, or coatings prior to stamping into formed parts. TWB was first introduced using lasers, and it allows designers to put thicker material where needed for strength, with thinner gages elsewhere. Full Article

Non-Contact CMMs Beam Ahead

Contributing Editor Bruce Morey


Expect to see even more non-contact sensors on CMMs. ‘Non-contact’ is of course a broad term, including optical and imaging sensors, laser point scanner, line scanners, structured light, and confocal devices. The new sensors I am seeing on coordinate-measuring machines in the industry range from incremental improvements of tried-and-true devices to truly groundbreaking new gadgets for metrology. Full Article

Workaday Metrology

Contributing Editor Bruce Morey


The trend to place more accurate metrology devices on the shop floor continues. One reason is the evolution of the metrology devices themselves. They are getting faster, more rugged, and smaller. Matching the means is motivation. Manufacturers want to understand quickly what is happening in production, rather than wait for results of parts transported to a quality lab. Full Article

Injecting Quality at MGS Ireland

Edited by Senior Editor Michael Anderson from information provided by Hexagon Metrology


Liffey Park Technology Campus in Leixlip, County Kildare, stands less than one mile away from the original (circa 1759) brewing location for the most famous of Irish exports—Guinness beer. Over 250 years later, the site is now home to several hi-tech companies, including the Ireland Headquarters of Hewlett-Packard (HP). Full Article

Koma Precision, Inc. and Hexagon Metrology M and H Product Line Form a Strategic Alliance

Press Release - Koma Precision Inc.


Koma Precision, Inc. today announced their strategic alliance with the Hexagon Metrology M&H product line for the North American market, starting January 1, 2015. Koma Precision will now be the master importer and system integrator for m&h products offering high quality touch probes, tool setters and laser tool measuring systems for CNC machines. Full Article

Quality Scan: Great Tools: The Best Defense Against Downtime

Scott Walker, President, Mitsui Seiki USA Inc.


Many OEMs in today’s time-sensitive manufacturing environment demand that their top tier suppliers have the equipment producing their parts available 98% of the time. The aerospace industry, for example, has an aggressive production schedule currently and is relying on its supply chain to provide parts as needed for assembly lines—no sooner and absolutely no later—akin to the automotive industry. Full Article

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