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Local Chapters Pave the Way for Involvement and Leadership Opportunities

Maite Mauri, Program Manager - ACES, Amazon, SME Member Since 2011


I’ve been asked many times why I’m an involved volunteer member at SME. The answer is simple: it makes me happy. Attending a company tour and learning about the different ways manufacturers are tackling the quickly evolving materials, customer demands and global markets is eye opening. Listening to a professional expert share insights into new technologies that are changing the way we design and manufacture products during a tech talk event, like how additive manufacturing is being used by companies to redesign attachments for aircraft overhead bins to reduce weight by as much as 80%, is exciting and inspiring. Full Article

Manufacturing Marches Toward Digital Future

Dean L. Bartles, PhD, FSME, 2016 SME President


Digital manufacturing. The Internet of Things (IoT). Industry 4.0. Factory of the future. Smart manufacturing. We’ve all heard the buzz words, and many of us are excited about the direction manufacturing is headed.
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Smart Manufacturing Magazine to Launch in Spring 2016

Press Release - SME


The digital revolution that has disrupted and simplified a variety of industries – from music and books to shopping, travel and banking – is about to transform the way virtually everything is made. A new magazine, Smart Manufacturing, will launch in the spring of 2016 to help educate manufacturing professionals about the new and emerging technologies used to make things in this digitally connected new era, known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0. Full Article

SME's Year-Long Journey

Wayne Frost, CMfgE, 2015 SME President


Earlier this year, I provided an overview of my manufacturing journey. Now, as I reach the end of my term as SME president, I’d like to focus on SME’s journey in 2015 and what it means for our organization and everyone involved in manufacturing. SME has many unique facets, all very important to the manufacturing world. Manufacturing Engineering magazine, where this editorial resides, is a component of our Advanced Manufacturing Media group, which brings you all the latest information on technologies, processes and people. Membership is the unit for anyone who wants to learn and/or share their expertise with SME. Full Article

SME Installs 2016 Officers of its Board of Directors, Elects Seven to College of Fellows

Press Release - SME


SME, a nonprofit organization serving the manufacturing industry by promoting advanced manufacturing technology and developing a skilled workforce, has recognized several professionals who will assume new board leadership roles in 2016. These manufacturing professionals were recognized at an annual SME banquet on Nov. 8. Full Article

Remanufacturing by 3D Printing of Metals? A Great Potential but Big Challenge

Hongtao Ding, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Iowa


Do you have expensive equipment that needs to be fixed? Are you looking for a cost-saving repair method? Remanufacturing offers great potential for restoring nonfunctional, discarded or traded-in products to like-new condition. Full Article

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