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New Technologies Raise the Global Bar in Moldmaking

Gisbert Ledvon, Director of Busines Development, GF Machining Solutions


The business of global moldmaking is extremely competitive and constantly changing—case in point, the return of high-end moldmaking to the United States from overseas. Reasons for this include reshoring initiatives, requirements for higher precision on certain parts, logistical issues and rising costs of parts made overseas. Full Article

Remanufacturing by 3D Printing of Metals? A Great Potential but Big Challenge

Hongtao Ding, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Iowa


Do you have expensive equipment that needs to be fixed? Are you looking for a cost-saving repair method? Remanufacturing offers great potential for restoring nonfunctional, discarded or traded-in products to like-new condition. Full Article

3D Printing Stocks Crushed in Clash of Cultures, Expectations

Editor in Chief Sarah A. Webster


The lines between technology and manufacturing are blurring fast, and, for many who work and invest in this area, it can be a most uncomfortable and confusing time. Just ask that bespectacled young developer Owen from those round-the-clock GE commercials, when he tries to explain how he’s changing the world with machine-to-machine communications to a table full of peers engrossed in a silly cat app. As we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a long list of software and technology companies are trying to transform into providers of manufacturing technology -- the technology that helps to make things in a factory. Full Article

Manufacturing Today—Not Firing on All Cylinders

Editor in Chief Sarah A. Webster


The manufacturing industry sure feels like a tale of the haves and have-nots lately. The aerospace and automotive industry surely have it. Manufacturers who make planes are pulling out every play in the book, from automation to advanced machining technologies, in an effort to keep pace with their record backlog of sales. The automotive sector, meanwhile, is on track for what might actually be the best sales year ever for light vehicles—or close to it. Full Article

Flipping the Switch on E-Powered Machine Tools

Matthew Mayer, CEO


Very few, if any, US manufacturers have embraced the idea of hydraulic-free, electrically powered (e-powered) machines—even though many European factories have been trending in that direction for quite some time. The concept is quite significant because nearly every machine tool has a hydraulic system and would therefore benefit from the switch to e-powered components. Full Article

UpFront: Is That New Manufacturing Technology for You?

Editor in Chief Sarah A. Webster


October is always a busy month for us here at SME’s Advanced Manufacturing Media. By the time you read this, we’ll be in the full swing of trade show season, where manufacturing technology providers unveil their latest machines, tools and updates. Given that this sector is in the midst of a renaissance—with more creative high-tech solutions than ever before—it is a busy time. Full Article

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