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Workforce Pipeline: Creating All-Stars Through Opening Doors: The Rippl3D Story

Bill Macy and Dane Sanders


In sports, everyone knows their skill level as a result of how well they perform at the various levels of competition. To consistently get better, players practice and scrimmage to hone their skills and improve their performance. What if instead of these physical practices, we asked our young athletes to study “Principles of Athleticism” and “History of Athletic Gear” from a textbook and gave them written exams. Full Article

Where is GM’s ‘Missing’ $4.6 Billion?

Executive Editor James D. Sawyer


On April 30 General Motors announced that over the course of three years it will invest $5.4 billion in plant improvements. It detailed only three places, all in Michigan, where the money will be spent: Pontiac Metal Center will see a $124 million investment, Lansing Delta Township Assembly, $520 million, and Warren’s Pre-Production Operations facility, $139.5 million.
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Workforce Pipeline: How One Ohio High School Makes Engineers

Dan Stacy, Engineering Instructor, Centerville (OH) High School


I am often asked by parents how Centerville High School’s STEM program will enhance their child’s educational experience and lead to better success in an engineering field. One of the first things I tell them is that we are an SME recognized PRIME site. This came with a $35,000 grant and national recognition as a school that exemplifies advanced manufacturing education. Full Article

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor International Corporation Begins Operation in Texas

Press Release - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor International Corp.


HOUSTON, TEXAS April 23, 2015 - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor International Corporation (MCO-I) has begun operation in the U.S. at its facility in Pearland, Texas, outside Houston. The complex, also known as Pearland Works, currently handles packaging, shipping, storage, service and maintenance of compressors and mechanical drive steam turbines. Full Article

Automation and the Shrinking/Growing Workforce

Contributing Editor Bruce Morey


There are contradictions a-plenty in the world of manufacturing today. Activity and output is up while historic job growth is stagnant, even declining recently. It is clear that automation is replacing many jobs, increasing efficiency and boosting output. At the same time, respected organizations are talking about a ‘skills gap’, with not enough of the right kind of people to fill the jobs that exist. What is going on? Full Article

Delcam to Support OSG ‘Train the Nation’ Tour for Die and Mold Manufacturers

Press Release - Delcam


Delcam is supporting OSG Tap & Die with its series of in-depth seminars showing die and mold manufacturers how to take their machining to the next level.  The tour will be visiting cities across the USA from April to September. Each of the one-day training events will show machinists how they can produce better results and achieve more productivity from their machines.  Full Article

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