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Osborn Moves North American HQ to Richmond, IN

Press Release - Osborn


RICHMOND, Ind. – July 2015 – Osborn, the world’s leading supplier of industrial brushes, polishing compounds and buffs, recently moved its North American headquarters to Richmond, Ind.At its new headquarters, Osborn expects to create more than 30 new jobs. Along with its current 180,000-ft2 Richmond facility, Osborn plans to construct a 7,400-ft2 addition in late 2015. Full Article

Quickly Adapt to Changing Needs with Modular Tooling

Nicholas Bergmann, General Manager, EXSYS Tool Inc.


In today’s just-in-time business environment, shops must quickly respond to product changes and meet extremely tight delivery times, yet continue to achieve increasingly higher quality standards. For these shops, smaller lot sizes of very different products have replaced high-volume long-running production of identical parts. For these reasons, making fast job changeovers is a key factor for success. Full Article

Shops Migrate to Higher Value Parts Making

Senior Editor Jim Lorincz


Following the money trail is a police-drama honored way of sorting out the usual suspects in solving a crime. Keeping an eye on the money is also a good strategy for shops looking to remain competitive, as well as a bigger payday. Today, adopting five-axis machine technology is a tried and true method of producing more complex workpieces with higher value in both the raw and the machined states. Full Article

Shop Solves Machining Problems with Creative Cutting Tools

Contributing Editor Ed Sinkora


Taking the approach that “you need to be able to think like a tool,” Sonic Tools has provided customers with some truly innovative solutions. If you’ve ever counted the wasted time of your tool changes... Or watched impatiently as a ballnose end mill made pass after pass as it cut a contour, on part after part after part... Or thrown out another expensive tool after what seemed like too few cycles, then you’ve probably reached out to a custom tool manufacturer such as Sonic Tools (Ashland, VA). Full Article

Kaiser Precision Tooling Strengthens Alliance with BIG Daishowa Seiki

Press Release - Kaiser Precision Tooling LTD.


Rümlang, Switzerland -- Kaiser Precision Tooling Ltd has determined to strengthen its partnership with its long-term partner, BIG Daishowa Seiki Co Ltd of Japan, and agreed to become a company of the BIG Daishowa group as of April 15, 2015. Kaiser Precision Tooling is the leading supplier of high-precision modular boring tools. The company was founded in 1948 by Heinz Kaiser and is owned by the families of the second generation. BIG Daishowa Seiki is one of the world’s leading producers of precision tool holders and measuring accessories. Full Article

Liebherr Announces 2015 Gear Seminar

Press Release - Liebherr Gear Technology


Liebherr Gear Technology has announced it 2015 Gear Seminar, June 23-24, co-hosted by Ingersoll Cutting Tools at the ITC Technical Center, Rockford, Illinois. Technical presentations of the latest developments in gear cutting and inspection technology will be made by experts from Liebherr Gear Technology, Liebherr Automation Systems, Ingersoll Cutting Tools, Saacke Group, and the Wenzel Group. Full Article

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