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A Common Platform Benefits Complex Operations

Edited by Executive Editor James D. Sawyer


Voith Hydro (York, PA) is a major manufacturer of hydroelectric power generation equipment, especially the intricate turbines used in such operations, supplying hydroelectric generating companies and municipalities throughout North America. More than 12,000 units have been commissioned in the field, with more than 65,000 MW of installed capacity. In addition, Voith Hydro has upgraded more than 600 existing power generation units. Full Article

Energy--Do More With Less

Senior Editor Ellen Kehoe


There's a lot of energy stored in the 16,000-document collection of SME Technical Papers. Really-plug in keywords related to energy (e.g., oil, gas, carbon, emissions, solar, wind, green, sustainable) and you'll see the evolution of topics and surges of interest during certain time periods, such as many papers on energy conservation and management from the oil-crisis years of the early-to-mid 1970s. Full Article

Keeping Your Cool in Order To Keep Costs Down

Edited by Executive Editor James D. Sawyer with information from Walter USA LLC.


The machining of blades for steam and gas turbines has long been a difficult, demanding, and costly operation. In recent years this situation has begun to change. On the one hand, advances in machine tool technology and data processing have brought improvements to the process. However, the industry’s increasing use of high-temperature superalloys and difficult-to-machine materials is bringing a new set of complications and costs to this area of the power generation industry. Full Article

Is Additive the New Twist that Electric Motors Need?

Contributing Editor Ed Sinkora


To many, powering cars and trucks with internal combustion engines is hopelessly outdated. The technology goes back to the 19th century. It relies on a finite source of fossil fuels. And it contributes to global warming. So beyond attempts to make such engines more efficient and the vehicles lighter, there’s also a huge push to produce vehicles with electric or hybrid forms of propulsion. Full Article

Shop Solutions: HMC's Precision Puts Clamps on Leaky Pipelines

Edited by Senior Editor Jim Lorincz


PLIDCO-The Pipe Line Development Co. (Westlake, OH), founded in 1949 by Joseph B. and Berneice K. Smith, manufactures high-pressure pipeline repair and maintenance fittings for onshore and offshore applications for the global gas, oil, water, chemical, steam, and slurry industries. Full Article

Oil Patch Risks and Rewards

Executive Editor James D. Sawyer


Two of the key drivers of the oil & gas industry are demand and gears. Demand travels in essentially two directions: up and down. If you ignore the obvious—that gears go around—in the oil & gas industry as in almost all manufacturing, gears only go in one direction: They get better, i.e., stronger and more reliable. And stronger, more reliable gears are extremely important because downtime is extremely expensive in the oil patch. Full Article

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