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SME Speaks: Lean--Today and Tomorrow

Anthony Manos, LBC, Catalyst, 5S Supply, SME Member Since 2013


  As I transition from my position as chair of SME’s Lean Certification Oversight and Appeals Committee, I have had the chance to reflect on where we have been and where we are going in the lean, operational excellence or continuous improvement world. The title of this SME Speaks is a takeoff on Henry Ford’s 1926 classic book Today and Tomorrow, and will focus on where lean and certification are today and my prediction of where they will be tomorrow. Full Article

SME Speaks: My Freshman Year: It's All about Time

Zachary Loeb, 2014 SME Education Foundation Family Scholarship Recipient


My experience as a freshman at the University of Central Florida (UCF) reinforces my belief that time is one of the most precious things we’ve ever been given. Time seems to move three times faster at a university than in my previous life. In addition to your studies, there are so many activities and opportunities happening at such an incredible pace that you can become completely immersed in them. The brilliant minds and wealth of knowledge is awe inspiring. Full Article

SME Speaks: Lasers Grow Manufacturing

Geoff Shannon, PhD, Manager, Advanced Technology, Amada Miyachi America


Today, laser technology in manufacturing touches all of our lives on a daily basis; lasers cut air bag material and weld air bag detonators for our in-car safety; lasers weld the batteries in many of our mobile devices; lasers drill aero-engine components for planes; lasers cut the glass for our smart phones and tablets screens; lasers weld the drivetrains in our cars and trucks; lasers cut medical stents that increase and enhance our lives, just to name a few. Full Article

SME Speaks: What Does Manufacturing Mean to You?

Wayne F. Frost, CMfgE 2015 SME President


In October 2014, SME launched a new campaign, #MFGis…, in an attempt to address the misconceptions surrounding manufacturing. Through this campaign, we want to emphasize all of the positives in manufacturing, while ultimately using descriptive words to define and promote it. We’ve therefore asked for everyone involved in manufacturing to share their personal stories on why and how they became involved in manufacturing.  Full Article

SME Speaks: Composites Usage Expands, Stimulating Innovation

Louis C. “Lou” Dorworth, Division Manager, Abaris Training Resources Inc


As a member of SME’s Plastics, Composites & Coatings Community and its Composite Manufacturing Tech Group, I have the privilege of working closely with other like-minded members who meet regularly and share information about current trends within industry. Through this collaboration, what we’ve discovered is that many new materials and innovative manufacturing processes have emerged in recent years resulting from an exponential increase in the use of composites across multiple industries over the past 10 years. Full Article

Majority of Manufacturers Plan to Invest in New Technologies

Press Release - SME


More than half of manufacturing leaders are planning to invest in advanced manufacturing technologies in the next two years, according to SME’s Advanced Manufacturing Media. The findings are part of the organization’s Advanced Manufacturing Opportunities Report, which highlights results of a survey of manufacturing executives, engineers and managers on why companies are investing in and using advanced manufacturing technologies such as industrial robotics and additive manufacturing, or 3D printing. Full Article

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