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Shop Solves Machining Problems with Creative Cutting Tools

Contributing Editor Ed Sinkora


Taking the approach that “you need to be able to think like a tool,” Sonic Tools has provided customers with some truly innovative solutions. If you’ve ever counted the wasted time of your tool changes... Or watched impatiently as a ballnose end mill made pass after pass as it cut a contour, on part after part after part... Or thrown out another expensive tool after what seemed like too few cycles, then you’ve probably reached out to a custom tool manufacturer such as Sonic Tools (Ashland, VA). Full Article

Shops Migrate to Higher Value Parts Making

Senior Editor Jim Lorincz


Following the money trail is a police-drama honored way of sorting out the usual suspects in solving a crime. Keeping an eye on the money is also a good strategy for shops looking to remain competitive, as well as a bigger payday. Today, adopting five-axis machine technology is a tried and true method of producing more complex workpieces with higher value in both the raw and the machined states. Full Article

Local CNC Experts Help Chinese Company Develop Gear Cutting Machine

Press Release - NUM Corporation


NUM China has helped Betek to accelerate the development of a groundbreaking six-axis precision gear hobbing machine. By utilizing a direct-drive spindle and NUM’s ultra-precise electronic gearbox and renowned CNC gear hobbing technology, together with a unique HMI developed by a local specialist machine designer, the new Betek YK3132Z gear hobber provides unprecedented cutting speed and processing efficiency. Full Article

Volkswagen and Gestamp Expand Chattanooga Partnership

Press Release - Volkswagen


Volkswagen Group of America, Chattanooga Operations, LLC (Volkswagen Chattanooga) and Gestamp, a company that designs, develops and manufactures metal components and assemblies for the automotive sector, announced today that their partnership for metal parts stamping in Tennessee will grow and the commitment will lead to more than 500 additional jobs in Chattanooga. Full Article

Additive Manufacturing State of the Industry

Tim Caffrey, Senior Consultant, and Terry Wohlers, President, Wohlers Associates Inc.


This is an exclusive preview of the Wohlers Report 2015, which has provided an annual summary on the state of additive manufacturing, with estimates and forecasts, for the past two decades. The additive manufacturing industry has entered a new era, propelled forward by expiring patents, bursts of new investment, and increasing demands on quality, price, and performance from every segment of a rapidly growing user community. Full Article

All-in-One for Done in One— Machines Keep Offering More

Senior Editor Jim Lorincz


Today’s machine tools continue evolving into multifunction machine platforms to meet new requirements and those that may be expected in the future. To be sure, multifunction machines are not new. Milling, turning, and drilling/tapping with on-machine measurement have a long history of working together in machines to produce large and small workpieces and tools. Full Article

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