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Walter Titex X•treme Pilot 180 Solid Carbide Pilot Drill

Press Release - Walter USA


Walter has extended its range of pilot drills with addition of the X•treme Pilot 180.Deep holes nearly always require a pilot or start hole, and this is where the Walter Titex X•treme Pilot 180 comes in. It’s a versatile, high-performance solid carbide drill for drilling depths from approximately 2 x D. Full Article

Workholding Innovations Proliferate for the Oil Patch

Senior Editor Patrick Waurzyniak


Demand for oil-field components, and the machines that produce them, has been humming along nicely for the past few years. With strong growth in natural-gas hydrofracking and shale-oil production, manufacturers that build oil-field pipeline gear have turned to the latest advanced manufacturing equipment that includes multitasking machines (MTM) for milling and turning applications requiring state-of-the-art, modular workholding to handle workpieces used in oil-country applications. Full Article

The Heat Is On Difficult-to-Machine Metals

Senior Editor Jim Lorincz


Cutting tool manufacturers call on a lot of tribal knowledge to help their customers find the most productive machining solutions for processing difficult-to-machine materials. Manufacturers in industries that are big users of titanium, stainless steels, Inconels, and other high-temperature heat-resistant superalloys (HRSA) are increasingly seeking machining solutions that extend tool life, improve productivity, deliver consistent part quality, and take advantage of the latest advances in machine tool technology—all at the same time. Full Article

OSG Changes Name to Better Reflect Core Competencies

Press Release - OSG USA Inc.


OSG Tap & Die, Inc., a leading manufacturer of taps, drills, end mills, dies and indexable cutting tools, announced that it has officially changed its name to OSG USA, INC. effective immediately.The corporate name change was made to better reflect the diverse array of products and services that OSG markets domestically. Full Article

Jergens Expands Its Range of Workholding Pallets

Press Release - Jergens Inc.


Jergens Inc. range of pallet solutions has been expanded to include two more styles, a 4-Pin pallet and a manual version of the company’s popular ZPS (Zero Point System). Announced in September at IMTS 2014, the new pallet solutions offer users several key features. Full Article

Innovative Tooling Puts Security into Tough Machining

Senior Editor Jim Lorincz


Nobody likes the thought of cuts or smashed fingers tooling up a job—before the machine is up and running, or tool and spindle-damaging crashes afterwards. “Getting the tooling right is the most important part of running any job,” said Steve Rose, CNC training consultant and former Swiss machine shop owner. Full Article

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