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Low Oil Prices Challenge US Manufacturers

Editor in Chief Sarah A. Webster


A few years back, the US Energy Information Administration predicted that the US would achieve energy self-sufficiency in two decades. Thanks largely to hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” the US was fast on its way to becoming the world’s top producer of petroleum and natural gas hydrocarbons. If only that game-changing prediction came with a playbook. Full Article

Viewpoints: Rate of Manufacturing Growth Expected to Climb

Bobby Bono, Industrial Manufacturing Leader, PwC US


The manufacturing sector is on a roll. Revenues are up, industrial output is strong, and M&A activity is gaining momentum. The sector is reaping the benefits of cheaper energy prices and increased productivity, as well as stable wage levels throughout much of the developed world. These favorable trends are expected to continue into the new year and beyond. Full Article

Lean Now: Time to Improve

Robert Simonis


I asked the kaizen team, “Who is responsible for continuous improvement?” They quickly responded, “Everybody!” I then asked, “When do you do continuous improvement?” I was met with silence. It is great that everyone is invested in the idea of continuous improvement, or Lean, or Operational Excellence, or whatever you call it, but when does it get done? . Full Article

UpFront: All New for 2015: Look, Leadership and Industry

Editor in Chief Sarah A. Webster


Happy New Year! The first thing I hope you notice about our first magazine issue of 2015 is that it features an all-new design. We figured the start of the year was the perfect time to kick off our new look—which isn’t just window dressing. It’s really a reflection of our new, expanded approach to manufacturing coverage.  Full Article

Advancing Manufacturing in the Glass City

Executive Editor James D. Sawyer


Like many business development groups the Regional Growth Partnership (RGP) stages visits by journalists to tout their group's region. Thus I and four other editors were RGP's guests to view the state of advanced manufacturing in Northwest Ohio.It is not fair to the Toledo area to judge that state on the basis of visits to only six facilities. There may be some companies that are even more advanced and some that really don't measure up at all. Full Article

Viewpoints: The Great Rebalancing of Global Manufacturing

Jeffrey Reinert, President, INDEX Corporation


Manufacturing in the United States will continue to enjoy a renaissance, driven by increasing demand for consumer goods in our own country as well as other countries around the world. As the world has become increasingly globalized, the differences from country to country in standards of living are shrinking, and it is increasingly advantageous to manufacture goods close to the point of use. Full Article

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