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Advanced Manufacturing Media is a leading source for news and in-depth technical information about advanced manufacturing in North America. From metalworking to 3D printing, we know how to make it.

June 2013 CoverDecember 2013 CoverWhile our roots are in traditional metalworking and shop operations, we distinguish ourselves by remaining on the cutting edge and keeping our eyes on what's next.  Whether that's through in-depth coverage of additive manufacturing, including 3D printing, or in coverage of the latest developments in software and robotics, which are together leading the charge of advanced manufacturing, Manufacturing Engineering is a thought leader in the industry. 

Our coverage is focused on some of the world's most critical industries: aerospace and defense, motorized vehicles, medical and energy, whether that's oil and gas, nuclear, electric, solar or wind. We are committed to keeping our readers informed about relevant news, technology and advances that improve their ability to make decisions in an intensely competitive global environment.  

July 2013 CoverBecause our reader’s concerns are also our concerns, we have a special focus on workforce development, with regular solutions-focused coverage of this challenge. To that end, we recognize the achievements of young people in manufacturing through our annual 30 Under 30 issue

Our content is delivered through a fully integrated media portfolio, which makes information available in print, online, through email, mobile apps and social media networks, as well as webinars. We also provide special reports through lead-capturing downloads.

How connected are we? Our Twitter feed @MfgEngNews was recently named the No. 2 manufacturing feed on the Web by Mashable

Our breadth is also captured in our tagline: From metalworking to 3D printing, we know how to make it. 

Finally, we are backed by an organization that understands the importance of manufacturing to our nation and lives. Advanced Manufacturing Media is a division of SME - Making the future. Together.

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Please send press releases about new products or manufacturing events to our general email box at

EDITOR-IN-CHIEFSeptember 2013 Cover
Sarah Webster • 313.425.3252 
Oversees the Advanced Manufacturing Media editorial enterprise, from the monthly magazine to the Web site to iPhone and iPad apps to social media programs. 

James D. Sawyer • 313.425.3053
Covers issues related to motorized vehicles, from light- to heavy-duty vehicles, and energy manufacturing, ranging from the oil and gas sector to wind farms and solar panels. Also oversees coverage of the Energy and Quality eNewsletters. 

Michael C. Anderson • 313.425.3258
Covers issues related to aerospace, defense and medical manufacturing, as well as lean issues. Also oversees coverage for the AeroDef and Lean Directions eNewsletters. 

James A. Lorincz • 440.779.6946October 2013 Cover
Specializes in coverage of traditional substractive manufacturing issues, such as cutting tools, machining centers and cells, automation, as well as alternative cutting technologies, such as waterjets, EDM and lasers, among other topics. Writes the Shop Solutions and TechFront departments in the monthly magazine.

Patrick Waurzyniak • 313.425.3256 
Specializes in coverage of software manufacturing issues, from CNC Controls to CAD/CAM, PLM and PDM to ERP and FEA. Also covers automation and manufacturing purchasing issues. Writes the NewsDesk Software department in the monthly magazine.

Bill Koenig • 313.425.3058 
Specializes in coverage of manufacturing news, additive manufacturing and custom media projects. Bill previously worked in the Detroit bureau of Bloomberg News and The Indianapolis Star, where he covered manufacturing.

Darlene Pietryka • 313.425.3255
Edits the monthly magazine and special show guides.

Katelyn DaMour • 313.425.3251
Edits the Web site and eNewsletters and is a point of contact for press releases. 


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