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Help Solve Manufacturing’s Shortage of Skilled Workers
SME Offers Opportunity to Share Your Knowledge and Experience!

Interested in having a positive impact on the life and career of a student or colleague?

Think back to all of the people in your life who have guided you in making educational and career decisions that led you into your manufacturing career. Is it your turn to serve as a mentor?

Over the next 10 years, it is predicted that 3.5 million manufacturing jobs will become available, but millions of positions will go unfilled without the right “skilled” workers in those jobs. This unique volunteer opportunity allows you to share your knowledge and experience with our current and future manufacturing workforce. Provide guidance. Help SME mentees understand the skills they will need to succeed.

Be a mentor in one or both programs: High School Mentor and/or Professional Mentor.  

SME will provide guidance and training sessions to help prepare you for your mentor journey.

High School Student Mentor

When you sign up for the High School Mentor Program, you agree to:  

  • Complete and clear a background check.
  • Volunteer for a one-hour, virtual coaching session per month for a five to six-month time period

Postsecondary Student or Professional Member Mentor

SME's Professional Mentor Program:  

  • Is open to any SME member 18 years and older.
  • No applications or background checks required! 
  • You can participate for six to 12 months. 

Support the future of manufacturing by sharing your knowledge and experience. Be a mentor in either the High School Mentor Program and/or the Professional Mentor Program.