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Kraebber Henry Kraebber, PE, has 15 years of experience and leadership in manufacturing operations, engineering, quality and management. He has worked at the Collins Avionics and Missiles group of Rockwell International, the Plough Products Division of Schering-Plough Corporation and Flavorite Laboratories. His work has supported the production of industrial, consumer and military products in the food, consumer products and electronics areas. Career highlights include developing and implementing manufacturing control systems and implementing the concepts of total quality. In August 1989, Kraebber returned to Purdue University as a faculty member of the Mechanical Engineering Technology Department of the School of Technology. His teaching interests include manufacturing operations, manufacturing quality control and the application of system principles supporting courses in the Computer Integrated Manufacturing technology program. Kraebber is a registered professional engineer and is certified in production and inventory management by the American Production and Inventory Control Society. He is a senior member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers. Kraebber is the current chair of the MER Community. Member Since 1996  
Bee Danny J. Bee is department chair for the Engineering & Technology Department at Western Technical College, which consists of a mix of faculty from varying disciplines such as packaging, electrical engineering, computer-aided design and drafting, manufacturing engineering, manufacturing technology, power mechanics, transportation, sustainable design and development, and research and development. Bee is also currently serving as program director for the new MS in manufacturing engineering program, a completely online program serving working engineers. He is currently pursuing his PhD degree in mechanical engineering through Michigan Technological University. Bee is the vice-chair of the MER Community. Member Since 1995  
Bennett  Ronald J. Bennett, PhD, is currently founding dean of the School of Engineering at the University of St. Thomas. Bennett has been chair of the undergraduate engineering department since 1993 and director of the graduate program since 1995. He holds a bachelor's degree in physics and mathematics from the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire; a master's degree in metallurgical engineering; an MBA from the University of St. Thomas; and a doctorate in metallurgy from the University of Minnesota. In 2014, Bennett was recognized with SME's Award of Merit. Member Since 1993
Bond Timothy D. Bond, CMfgE, is a manufacturing engineer at Boeing Commercial Airplanes on the 787 program. Bond has more than 30 years of experience in various positions at companies, including manufacturing engineer, project manager, tooling, program planning and control, and change management. He has been serving as the communications director and was the 2001 chair of Seattle Chapter 39, and as a membership consultant for student chapters in Oregon and Washington since 2004. At the national level, Bond has contributed to the Chapter Enhancement Committee as well as the Industry & Continuing Education Tech Group. Previously, he was a member of the SME Member Council. Bond is a cofounder and past director of the Regional Access Mobility Program, a nonprofit 501c(3) organization in Washington dedicated to helping apprentices of the allied trades become aware of the rewards involved with building ramps for disabled people who are financially challenged, as well as providing increased visibility of career fields within the manufacturing industry. He also initiated a dialogue with, and is a past director of the Manufacturing Technology Advisory Group, which has led to increased awareness by students in manufacturing-related career fields. Bond's efforts on behalf of young people continue in a variety of chapter activities. Member Since 1981
Coe Steven L. Coe retired in 2007 after nearly 33 years of service with The Boeing Company, where he was the corporate program manager for the Technical Fellowship Program. Previously, he worked as a manufacturing engineer and manager on numerous military programs. Coe continues to be involved in engineering degree program accreditation activities with both SME and ABET Inc. He is the former chair of the MER Community. Member Since 1999
Conkol Gary K. Conkol is the director of Conkol Computing Services. Conkol has a bachelor's degree from Cleveland State University and a master's in mechanical engineering from Wayne State University. He is internationally published in implementing and gaining benefit from advanced technologies, including more than 50 U.S. and 11 international technical papers and articles. Conkol is well known in the area of CAD/CAM/CAE and systems integration. He served as chair of the MER Community in 2007 and is the former chair of the TCN Steering Committee. Member Since 1983
Danielson Scott G. Danielson, PhD, PE, is the chair of the Engineering Technology Department at Arizona State University. Danielson has a BS and an MS from the University of Wyoming and received his PhD from North Dakota State University. He was a design engineer, production supervisor, maintenance supervisor and plant engineer while working for Crown Zellerbach. Member Since 2000
Gartenlaub Marshall Gartenlaub, PhD, LSME, is the managing director of QIEDU Associates. Previously, he led the Applied Competitive Technologies initiative of the California Community Colleges, Economic and Workforce Development Program. His extensive background in engineering, education and business management have contributed greatly to his success as director. Gartenlaub had a doctorate in higher education administration from the University Southern California, a master's from the University of Dallas and a bachelor's in industrial engineering from the University of Oklahoma. Member Since 1972  
Jack Hugh Jack, PhD, PE, is professor and chair of the Product Design and Manufacturing Engineering Program at Grand Valley State University. He holds a BS in electrical engineering and a master's and PhD in mechanical engineering. Jack has been teaching and researching since 1993. His areas of interest include manufacturing education/recruiting, controls, robotics, rapids prototyping and process planning. Jack served as the MER Community chair in 2009. In 2000, he was awarded SME's John T. Parsons Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award. Member Since 1994
Mott Robert "Bob" Mott, LSME, PE, is professor emeritus of engineering technology at the University of Dayton and the author of three textbooks in mechanical engineering technology. Mott serves as a senior staff member for the National Center for Manufacturing Education, a National Science Foundation-sponsored center that initiated and manages the Manufacturing Education Resource Center (MERC Online). In 2004, he served as the first chair of the MER Community. In 2012, Mott was the recipient of the SME Education Award. Member Since 1980
Nutter Paul Nutter, LSME, CMfgE, is an associate professor in the Department of Technological Studies at Ohio Northern University. He has been teaching industrial technology since 2000, and has 26 years experience in manufacturing and industrial engineering, primarily with Rockwell Automotive. Nutter is active as a faculty advisor for Ohio Northern University S186, served as the chair for the Simulation Tech Group in 2007, was a member of the 2006 SME Member Council and chair of the Student Relations Committee in 2005. Member Since 1972
Raju Venkitaswamy Raju, PhD, is the vice chancellor of VIT University, Vellore, India. He is currently on leave from the State University of New York. Raju has long been engaged in the development and promotion of manufacturing education through SME and the American Society for Engineering Education. He has also been actively involved in the accreditation of manufacturing programs and is currently on the executive committee of the Applied Science Accreditation Commission of ABET. Raju's primary interests are in engineering and technology education, electronics manufacturing processes, nanofabrication, enterprise management, software applications in industry and technology and policy research. He holds advanced degrees in physics, industrial engineering and management. Raju is the former chair of the MER Community. Member Since 2002
Sirinterlicki Arif Sirinterlikci, PhD, is interim head of engineering and director, Engineering Laboratories at Robert Morris University. He is a professor of engineering, and advises RMU industrial and manufacturing engineering students. Sirinterlikci received his BS and MS degrees in mechanical engineering from the Istanbul Technical University in Turkey and his PhD in industrial and systems engineering from the Ohio State University. His teaching areas include robotics and automation/controls, automated identification systems, computer architecture, engineering graphics, safety engineering, and rapid prototyping and reverse engineering. Sirinterlikci's research interests include biomedical engineering and medical manufacturing, modeling and control of manufacturing processes and systems, and entertainment technology. Member Since 1995  
Waldrop Phil Waldrop, PhD, LSME, is a retired as a professor from Georgia Southern University where he taught undergraduate and graduate courses in areas of industrial technology, manufacturing engineering and industrial technical management. Post-retirement professional activities include SME, ASEE and ATMAE involving national-level committees concerned with restoring manufacturing engineering content to college-level engineering and technology degree programs as a strategic issue in U.S. industrial base enhancement for global competitiveness. Specialties include lean manufacturing, process improvement, productivity improvement, product and process R&D, employee training and development, and ISO procedures writing. Waldrop is a 2010 Award of Merit and President's Award recipient. Member Since 1976
Robert Wolff Robert L. Wolff, LSME, is a professor and coordinator of the Global Manufacturing Systems Engineering Technology BSET program at the University of Dayton. During his career at Dayton, Wolff has helped develop three ABET-accredited Bachelor of Science in engineering technology programs and numerous new courses. His professional experience includes consulting and employment with Kimberly-Clark, NCR, the UD Research Institute and North American Aviation. Wolff is a current member of the SME Member Council. Previously, he served as an SME International Director from 2004-07. Wolff is active in Dayton No. 18 and has been the faculty advisor for the University of Dayton S070 since 1967. He helped develop SME’s Manufacturing Education Plan and Manufacturing Engineering Certification Institute. Wolff also participated in the production of SME’s five-volume work “Manufacturing for the 21st Century” and served on the SME Education Foundation’s Proposal Screening Committee. He was actively involved in events leading to the establishment of the ABET accreditation criteria for baccalaureate programs in manufacturing engineering technology. Wolff is a recipient of a 1999 Award of Merit, an SME’s Certificate of Appreciation, the U.S. Army’s Commander’s Award for Public Service and the University of Dayton’s School of Engineering’s Faculty Award of Excellence in Service. He is also active in the American Society for Engineering Education, the International Society for Automation, the Society of Plastics Engineers, the American Foundry Society and was national president of the Fluid Power Society. Additionally, Wolff is on the board of several community service organizations. Member Since 1967