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Machining & Material Removal Community

Will Slota Will Slota, CNC Software's educational applications engineer, possesses more than 20 years of experience utilizing Mastercam for multiaxis manufacturing in the aeronautical industry, as well as in the biomedical, tool and die, and mold-making industries. Slota holds an associate degree in manufacturing/pre-engineering from Rock Valley Community College and a bachelor’s from Illinois State University. At CNC, he performs tech support, training and software development. In addition to Slota’s full-time job at CNC Software, he is a CAD/CAM continuing education instructor for apprenticeship training at Bates Technical College and participates on multiple advisory boards of vocational programs in the Puget Sound Region. Slota is the current chair of SME's Machining & Material Removal Community. Member Since 2006
Campbell James Campbell is a manufacturing process chief for Pratt & Whitney, where has worked for more than 25 years. He completed a machinist's apprenticeship, earned an associate in mechanical engineering technology, a bachelor's in mechanical engineering and an master's in mechanical engineering. Campbell has progressed through positions of increasing responsibility, including a technician, manufacturing engineer, senior manufacturing engineer, technical specialist, systems engineer and machining discipline chief. He has authored more than 20 technical papers on various machining topics and has two patents to date.
Clark Jack Clark is a senior manager, lecturer and graduate engineer with more than 30 years of experience in systems development, surface finishing and mechanical design. He has broad knowledge in form and surface metrology instrument design, including developments on interferometric, SEM and other high-resolution surface analysis devices. Clark has applied this metrology experience to automotive engine design, computer imaging and process automation. He is actively participating on standards committees (ASME B46, ISO) producing new areal (3-D) and functional definitions and callouts. Clark currently operates a consulting service, Surface Analytics LLC, which is dedicated to elevating manufacturing's understanding and implementation of metrology. Member Since 2007
Dave Davidson David A. Davidson is a deburring, surface finishing specialist with several years of experience, including positions at Kearsarge Peg Co. Inc., PEGCO Process Laboratories and Turbo-Finish Corp. He is the former chair of the MMR Community and an advisor for the Deburring, Edge Finishing & Surface Conditioning Tech Group. Member Since 2004
Aimee Shandy Aimee Shandy is a project manager for trade shows and special events at Mazak Corp. Shandy began her career at Mazak 13 years ago as a mechanical engineer in its Kentucky manufacturing facility. Since then, Shandy has served Mazak as an applications engineer and as a product specialist before accepting her current position in January 2014. Shandy has a bachelor’s in manufacturing engineering technology and a master’s in communication. She is also a certified machine tool sales engineer. Member Since 2012