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Medina     Francisco Medina, PhD, is senior specialist in materials development at Arcam, currently positioned at Oak Ridge National Labs, where he manages Arcam’s relationships and R&D activities in North America. Medina received a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering in 2000, a master’s in 2005 and a doctorate in materials science in 2013, all from the the University of Texas at El Paso. He has been involved in additive manufacturing since 2000. In 2006, Medina became an SME master-level Additive Manufacturing Certificate holder. He has focused his attention in the metals additive manufacturing methods area for rapid material development and low-cost powder manufacturing. Medina’s work in the additive manufacturing area has been published in numerous journals and conference proceedings. He has received advanced training in various additive manufacturing technologies, such as Arcam’s Level 3 Certification Training, Stratasys’ Advance User and Maintenance Training, and 3D Systems Advanced Stereolithography Rapid Prototyping Training. Medina has been recognized with several awards, including first place for his “Chain Mail” entry in EBM’s Users Group Meeting Part Completion for Best Creative Part, Outstanding Paper by Emerald Group Publishing, the 2007 Emerald Literati Network Award for Excellence and the 2004 RTAM/SME Dick Aubin Distinguished Paper Award. He holds seven additive manufacturing patents, with several other patents pending. Currently, Medina is chair of the RTAM Community. Member Since 2009
Christensen     Andrew M. Christensen has been in the medical device industry since 1992 and is president and CTO of Medical Modeling Inc. He has been involved in several thousand patient cases for surgical planning, implant design and surgical navigation. His company is regarded as a world leader in production of custom anatomical models using the technologies of stereolithography, 3-D printing and Polyjet printing. Recently, Christensen has been instrumental in the company's installation of electron-beam melting technology to service the medical industry with parts produced in titanium and cobalt-chrome alloys. He has authored many articles and two book chapters on the use of additive manufacturing within the medical industry, and continues to present at numerous technical and medical conferences around the world. Christensen is the former chair of the RTAM Community. In 2009, he was awarded the RTAM/SME Industry Achievement Award for his achievements within the additive manufacturing industry. Member Since 1998
Cormier     Denis Cormier, PhD, is the Earl W. Brinkman Professor of Machining and Manufacturing in the Kate Gleason College of Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology. Cormier is a former associate professor at North Carolina State University. During his 15 years at North Carolina State, he established the Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing Lab, developed a course in rapid prototyping and conducted funded research that primarily focused on metal additive manufacturing for the aerospace industry. The bulk of Cormier's efforts involved the use of high-performance materials with Arcam's EBM process, including materials such as titanium aluminide, C104 niobium, GRCop-84, various aluminum alloys and pure copper. He received a bachelor's in systems engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, a master's in industrial engineering from State University of New York at Buffalo and a doctorate in industrial engineering from NC State. In 2003, Cormier was awarded SME's Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award. Member Since 1989
Cota     Vesna Cota is a additive manufacturing design and development specialist for Tyco Electronics Canada. Cota launched her personal endeavor of teaching additive manufacturing technologies as a feature speaker at NRC-IRAP in the industrial design and technology forum in 1998, and continued sharing through speaking, writing, presentations and workshops. Among others, she taught additive manufacturing courses for the Magna Inc. Management Training Program and the Industrial Research Development Institute Product Development program. Cota is passionate about propagating the awareness of additive manufacturing technologies and their proper applications. As an executive officer of Toronto Chapter 26, she organized a year-long additive manufacturing program in 1998-99, for which SME honored her with its President's Award. In 2005, Cota became an SME master-level Additive Manufacturing Certificate holder. She received her degree in architecture from the University of Zagreb, Croatia. Member Since 1995
DeGrange     Jeff DeGrange is the vice president of direct digital manufacturing for Stratasys Ltd. DeGrange joined Stratasys in 2008 after spending 20 years at The Boeing Co., where he led advanced manufacturing and material efforts in the area of additive manufacturing and reverse engineering. DeGrange holds patents for the direct manufacturing of end-use parts and functional tooling used in aerospace and defense industries. He has served as the past chair of the direct manufacturing research at Paderborn University in Germany, Chicago Museum of Science and Industry FabLab Advisory Board and is an active FIRST Robotics Hardin Valley sponsor. DeGrange received his bachelor's in industrial engineering from University of Iowa and a master's in mechanical engineering from Washington University. Member Since 2004
Jason Jones     Jason Jones, PhD, is the co-founder and CEO of Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies, a 3-D printing startup, which is equipping CNC machines with additive manufacturing capabilities. Jones has a doctorate in 3-D printing from the University of Warwick and has led millions of dollars of additive manufacturing research during the last decade. He has investigated 3-D printing/digital fabrication techniques for multimaterial functional parts and hybrid processing approaches for metals. Jones serves as a task group chair for ASTM where he has led the development of several standards for 3-D printing (including ISO 52921). For five years prior to Jone's research appointment, he worked as technical manager in the CNC and 3-D printing industry at Unimatic Engineers Ltd. in London. Member Since 2012
Kinsella     Mary E. Kinsella, PhD, is a senior materials research engineer in the Materials and Manufacturing Directorate at the Air Force Research Laboratory. She is currently acting section chief in the Metals Processing Section. Kinsella also manages the Metals Affordability Initiative, a multimillion dollar program involving DoD system integrators and the majority of companies in the aerospace metals supply chain. Her research interests are focused on rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing processes for aerospace applications. Kinsella completed her dissertation in 2004 on the topic of rapid tooling for injection molding. She also has 12 years government experience in electronics manufacturing technology and three years prior industry experience in microelectronics production supervision. Kinsella was chair of the former Materials & Process Standards Tech Group and a senior life member of the Society of Women Engineers. In 2009, she was recognized with the RTAM/SME Dick Aubin Distinguished Paper Award for her contribution to the rapid technology and additive manufacturing industry. She received a bachelor's in manufacturing technology from Miami University in 1983, a master's in materials engineering from the University of Dayton in 1991 and a doctorate in industrial and systems engineering from The Ohio State University in 2004. Member Since 2001
Leigh     David Leigh is president of Harvest Technologies, a rapid prototyping service bureau with a core business in functional prototypes and production using the SLS and SLA systems. Leigh graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1991 with a bachelor's in mechanical engineering. He worked at DTM Corp. in Austin, Texas, as a co-op student and upon graduation focused on process development and field service. Leigh was on the original team that brought the Sinterstation 2000 to market in the early 1990s. He left DTM and started Harvest Technologies in 1995. Since then, Leigh has been active in the SLS User's group, NASUG, 3DSUG and the 3D System's World Conference. He currently serves on the external advisory council for the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Texas and was recently honored as Outstanding Young Mechanical Engineer by the Mechanical Engineering Academy of Distinguished Alumni. He continuously works with the department and serves as a resource for continued development and utilization of the SLS process at UT. Leigh is the former chair of the RTAM Community. Member Since 1996
Lowe     Jung Lowe, JD, a lawyer in private practice since 1979, is founder and president of AmericAsia Global Law Ltd. He is an adjunct professor of law at The John Marshall Law School and a Distinguished Fellow, College of Business and Management, at the University of Illinois at Springfield. Lowe was a senior research specialist and is co-author of a report on the 2007 national survey "Barriers to Nanotechnology Commercialization." He is a graduate of the Yale Law School, with postgraduate studies in management at (Sloan) Massachusetts Institute of Technology and engineering at the University of Hawaii. Lowe has two patents in material handling systems. He served as chair of the RTAM's former NanoManufacturing Tech Group. Member Since 1989
Morris     Greg Morris has been involved in the rapid prototyping and manufacturing industry since 1994, when he and two other partners started Morris Technologies Inc. In 2007, Morris and his partners founded another company, Rapid Quality Manufacturing, to focus on the production of additive metal components aimed at the emerging aerospace, medical and other markets. In November 2012, both MTI and RQM were acquired by GE Aviation. In his new role with GE Aviation, Morris is responsible for helping to advance the knowledge of and applications for additive manufacturing technologies throughout GE, and he works closely with the existing GE teams that have been working with the technologies. Morris has written numerous articles about additive manufacturing, with specific emphasis on additive metals. He has also presented at various trade shows, including SME’s RAPID Conference & Exposition, Aerospace Design Expo, EuroMold, AeroTech, MoldMaking Expo and PDx/Amerimold. Morris is the former chair of the RTAM Community. Member Since 2008
Tromans     Graham Tromans is the principal consultant and president of G P Tromans Associates, an independent additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping consultancy. Tromans has been involved with additive technologies since 1990 when he was instrumental in the development and technology application acceptance with Rover Group, working with companies such as Land Rover, BMW, Aston Martin, Ford Volvo and more recently Bentley Cars, Boeing Aircraft, British Aerospace, F1 racing, NASCAR, Rolls Royce, Perkins Engines, JCB and many others. Tromans was also responsible for setting up the Land Rover facility and was an advisor to Jaguar Cars in establishing its facility. He has represented the U.K. Government’s Department of Trade and Industry on Overseas Science and Technology Experts Missions to both the United States and Japan, looking at the developments in RP/AM technology and applications. Tromans has presented numerous papers in the United States, Japan and Europe. He is currently chair of the Additive Manufacturing Association in the United Kingdom. Tromans is the editor of the "Developments In Rapid Casting," which is published by The Institute of Mechanical Engineers in London, and is also a chapter author in "Rapid Manufacturing ― An Industrial Revolution For The Digital Age," primarily focusing within the book on automotive and motorsports applications. In 2007, he became an SME master-level Additive Manufacturing Certificate holder; to date, the first and only person from the United Kingdom to be awarded this certificate. Tromans has also been awarded the "Double" Dinosaur Award in both SLA and SLS by the 3DSystems Users Group, recognizing his long-term contributions to both SLA and SLS technologies. Currently, he is an event advisor for SME’s RAPID Conference & Exposition and former chair of the RTAM Community. In 2005, he was voted the "Top 25 Most Influential People in the World" in additive manufacturing. Member Since 2006
Wivell     Colleen Wivell manages the biomedical engineering team at Materialise in the USA. In her role, Wivell is responsible for the overall sales strategy for the Mimics Innovation Suite, managing key accounts, and leading a team of sales and engineering professionals. She played an integral role in bringing patient specific surgical guides to the U.S. market by developing partnerships and helping to launch the Materialise production site in Plymouth, Mich. Wivell began her career with Materialise in 1998 as the first U.S. sales engineer, and continuously grew in her roles and responsibilities within the company. Wivell served as managing director for Materialise USA for 10 years and grew the North American office from seven people to a sales, engineering and production facility of nearly 50 people. She was featured on the 21st Century Business TV show, which showcased the advantages of additive manufacturing and stimulated the interests of everyday consumers. Wivell has a bachelor's in mechanical engineering with a minor in biomedical engineering from Carnegie Mellon. Member Since 2001
member and industry relations manager
Emory Ralton Emory has held numerous SME volunteer leadership positions on local, regional and international levels, including serving as chair of the SME Member Council in 2008. In 2005, Emory was the recipient of SME's Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award, and in 2006, received the Pellissippi State Technical Community College Advisory Panel Award. Currently, he is a member and industry relations manager, the liaison to the RTAM Community and the organizer of the SME Leadership Series. As an SME staff member, his goal is to help all members and volunteer leaders receive the most value for their membership. Click to connect | Member Since 1994