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Additive Manufacturing Fundamentals Certificate

Show that you have the knowledge to make a difference in manufacturing! There is a high interest in additive manufacturing technologies. Those who can validate their knowledge in the field will be highly regarded and valued. Earn the certification to:

  • Upgrade your knowledge and stay current with industry standards.
  • Gain a competitive edge within your company and in the marketplace.
  • Gain a sense of achievement and become part of an elite group of individuals.
  • Obtain a portable career credential that you can take with you from job to job.
  • Validate your experience within the additive manufacturing field.

Exam Topics

Exam questions come directly from the topics in the Additive Manufacturing Fundamentals Certificate Body of Knowledge (PDF), including:

  • Sand casting
  • Computer-aided design
  • Investment casting
  • Direct tooling
  • Surface finishing
  • Master patterns
  • Sheet metal manufacturing
  • Paper pulp forming
  • And more


Further information is coming shortly! If you have questions email us, complete the online inquiry form, or call SME Customer Care at 800.733.4763 or 313.425.3000.

About SME and MSOE

SME, in cooperation with the Milwaukee School of Engineering has revised the Additive Manufacturing Body of Knowledge that will serve as the basis for the Additive Manufacturing Fundamentals Certificate program.

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