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Hydroforming DVD

This Hydroforming program examines the basic materials, tools, and techniques of tubular hydroforming and sheet metal hydroforming.

Product Type: DVDs

Visual Controls DVD

This program explains how visual controls are developed and used in a factory environment to help identify production problems quickly. In the program examples, you will see visual controls used to manage inventory, schedule maintenance, and clearly mark machine and tool locations. Other examples show the benefits of posting key goals and the motivational effects of successful communication.

Product Type: DVDs

Nanotechnology Manufacturing DVD

Nanotechnology Manufacturing

Product Type: DVDs

Lean Manufacturing in a Small Shop DVD

Lean Manufacturing in a Small Shop takes you inside a corporation to see the processes they took to reduce the time it takes to manufacture new machines.

Product Type: DVDs

Lean Six Sigma - The Power to Drive Rapid and Sustained Value Creation DVD

Lean Six Sigma - The Power to Drive Rapid and Sustained Value Creation

Product Type: DVDs

Developing a Lean Supply BaseThe Applied Materials Journey

Developing a Lean Supply Base, The Applied Materials Journey

Product Type: DVDs

The Characteristics of a Good Process DVDDisc 5 of 8

The Characteristics of a Good Process disc 5 of 8

Product Type: DVDs

Metalcutting Fluids DVD

Metalcutting Fluids

Product Type: DVDs

Building a Lean Culture DVD

Building a Lean Culture

Product Type: DVDs

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) DVD

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) is a proven design methodology used to optimize part costs and quality, while reducing time-to-market development. This program features an interview with Nicholas Dewhurst of Boothroyd Dewhurst. He explains the concepts and use of DFMA in product analysis to understand the drivers of cost, and the interaction of the individual pieces within the product to optimize design, manufacturability, and assembly. Two companies who have successfully used DFMA are also highlighted, including: MDS-SCIEX, a scientific instrumentation manufacturer, where implementation of DFMA philosophies helped reduce the product development design cycle for their API 2000 mass spectrometer from 48 months to 16 months. Plug Power, a fuel cell manufacturer, where the integral use of DFMA facilitated development of their Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cell systems at the lowest cost while emphasizing three key elements: system manufacturability, serviceability, and sustainability.

Product Type: DVDs

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