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Electrical Discharge Machining (eBook)

Electrical Discharge Machining highlights the fundamentals of EDM.

Product Type: eBooks

Hand Deburring Increasing Shop Productivity (eBook)

A complete inventory of the elements needed to improve your hand-deburring operations. Learn how to calculate true costs, define customer requirements, and understand when hand deburring is the right answer.

Product Type: eBooks

Making Manufacturing Cells Work (eBook)

Based on over ten years of hands-on cell planning and installation worldwide by Ingersoll Engineers this book analyzes FMC conceptual development, implementation, integration and future trends. Chapters include: FMC Project Organization, Macro ...

Product Type: eBooks

Successful Composites Technology Transfer: Applying NASA Innovations to Industry (eBook)

Readers will get insight into how high-strength, carbon-fiber composites and its related technologies are making inroads into products such as commercial airplane seats and carts, turbine blades, firefighting equipment, trucks, buses, lifting and support devices, and containers. The author shares breakthrough thinking on other potential applications, such as a new lighter than air ship, prototype vehicles, driver health and safety, firefighter safety, and bridge infrastructure safety and health monitoring.

Product Type: eBooks

Managing a Paint Shop (eBook)

Focusing on the critical role of management Managing a Paint Shop: Fundamentals of Leadership and Organization discusses both the advances in technology and the increasing management demands required to support new painting technologie...

Product Type: eBooks

Factory Man (eBook)

Factory Man: How Jim Harbour Discovered Toyota's Quality and Productivity Methods and Helped the U.S. Auto Industry Get Competitive (eBook)

Product Type: eBooks

The New Manufacturing Engineer: Coming of Age in an Agile Environment (eBook)

Traditional manufacturing is rapidly giving way to new, fast-response, customer-focused techniques that maximize the manufacturer’s return on all resources — capital, materials, equipment, facilities, personnel, and most importantly, time. Farsighted manufacturers today are implementing cultural changes throughout their organizations that complement technological advancements and facilitate the transition from mass, to lean, to agile manufacturing. The New Manufacturing Engineer addresses these core process and organizational re-engineering methodologies that are effectively restructuring the way products are designed and produced.

Product Type: eBooks

Time to Market: Reducing Product Lead Time (eBook)

Time to Market: Reducing Product Lead Time is a book that managers at all levels will want to read. It will inform you of the importance of speed to your organization, share examples of how leading companies improved their customer responsiveness and brought new products to market faster, and provide evaluation tools you can use to implement key techniques within your own organization.

Product Type: eBooks

Collaborative Engineering and the Internet (eBook)

In manufacturing new communication technologies have ushered in a new era for the team-based product development strategy of concurrent engineering. Known as collaborative engineering, the new phase makes it unnecessary for team members to be i...

Product Type: eBooks

The Lean Company: Making the Right Choices (eBook)

This book presents a lucid theoretical vision of what a lean company should look like, as well as the organizing principles that are its reason for existence and the rationale for the activities that go on inside it. It's among the first (if no...

Product Type: eBooks

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