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Realistic Cost Estimating for Manufacturing Third Edition Instructor's Guide

This is the Instructor’s Guide, which complements Realistic Cost Estimating for Manufacturing, Third Edition . It contains answers to the end-of-chapter review questions. As with previous editions, instructors of cost estimating courses can rely on the book and this Instructor’s Guide to provide a solid foundation for manufacturing engineering courses and programs of study.

Product Type: eBooks

Lean Math: Figuring to Improve (ebook)

Lean Math features more than 160 thoughtfully organized entries. Ten chapters cover system-oriented math, time, the “-ilities” (availability, repeatability, stability, etc.), work, inventory, performance metrics, basic math and hypothesis testing, measurement, experimentation, and more. Two appendices cover standard work for analyzing data and understanding and dealing with variation.

Product Type: eBooks

The Virtual Engineer (eBook)

The Virtual Engineer: 21st Century Product Development

Product Type: eBooks

Realistic Cost Estimating for Manufacturing Second Edition (eBook)

This eBook contains material on the use of software, organization strategies in cost estimating, types of costs, learning curves, and much more. Topics presented include manufacturing costs, standard versus actual costs, cost in relation to product volume, analysis, types of estimates, cost estimating controls, cost requests from other departments, evaluating supplier quotes, calculating selling prices, and much more.

Product Type: eBooks

User's Guide to Powder Coating Fourth Edition (eBook)

User's Guide to Powder Coating Fourth Edition combines information on the latest breakthroughs in the industry (notably ultraviolet-curable materials for plastic and wood products, and improved systems) and tried-and-true guidelines from the previous edition (including material selection, design considerations, surface preparation, quality control and testing, troubleshooting and safety, and more) so you can achieve superior finishes with efficiency.

Product Type: eBooks

Lean Manufacturing for the Small Shop Second Edition (eBook)

Lean Manufacturing for the Small Shop, Second Edition is your how-to guide for shortening delivery times, eliminating waste, improving quality, and reducing costs.

Product Type: eBooks

The New Manufacturing Engineer: Coming of Age in an Agile Environment (eBook)

Traditional manufacturing is rapidly giving way to new, fast-response, customer-focused techniques that maximize the manufacturer’s return on all resources — capital, materials, equipment, facilities, personnel, and most importantly, time. Farsighted manufacturers today are implementing cultural changes throughout their organizations that complement technological advancements and facilitate the transition from mass, to lean, to agile manufacturing. The New Manufacturing Engineer addresses these core process and organizational re-engineering methodologies that are effectively restructuring the way products are designed and produced.

Product Type: eBooks

Low-Cost Jigs Fixtures, and Gages for Limited Production Instructor's Guide (eBook)

Low-Cost Jigs, Fixtures, and Gages for Limited Production Instructor's Guide (eBook)

Product Type: eBooks

Liquid Paint Finishing Defects (eBook)

Featuring easy-to-understand text and illustrations this book helps you quickly identify and fix 31 common finishing defects. This reference book describes the causes, prevention and also suggests cures for the defects. The defects include: Adh...

Product Type: eBooks


This is the Instructor’s Guide, which complements Realistic Cost Estimating for Manufacturing, Third Edition.

Product Type: eBooks

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