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Fundamentals of Manufacturing Supplement (eBook)

he "Fundamentals of Manufacturing Supplement" in addition to "Fundamentals of Manufacturing," Second Edition, provides a structured review for the Certifiedandnbsp;Manufacturing Engineer (CMfgE) examination. The curricula is consistent with the Manuf...

Product Type: eBooks

Managing Computer Numerical Control Operations (eBook)

Managing Computer Numerical Control Operations: How to Get the Most Out of Your CNC Machine Tools (eBook)

Product Type: eBooks

High-Speed Machining (eBook)

High-Speed Machining describes the parameters and manufacturing characteristics for new advanced machining processes and challenges the traditional ways of finishing complex workpieces. The author systematically describes the man...

Product Type: eBooks

Precision Machine Design (eBook)

This book is a comprehensive engineering exploration of all the aspects of precision machine design-both component and system design considerations for precision machines. It addresses both theoretical analysis and practical implementation prov...

Product Type: eBooks

User's Guide to Powder Coating Fourth Edition (eBook)

User's Guide to Powder Coating Fourth Edition combines information on the latest breakthroughs in the industry (notably ultraviolet-curable materials for plastic and wood products, and improved systems) and tried-and-true guidelines from the previous edition (including material selection, design considerations, surface preparation, quality control and testing, troubleshooting and safety, and more) so you can achieve superior finishes with efficiency.

Product Type: eBooks

Parametric Programming for Computer Numerical Control Machine Tools and Touch Probes (eBook)

Parametric programming has been the best-kept secret of CNC. This book demystifies this simple yet sophisticated programming tool in an easy-to-understand tutorial format, and presents a comprehensive how-to of parametric programming from a user's point of view.

Product Type: eBooks

Finishing Systems Design and Implementation (eBook)

Finishing Systems Design and Implementation discusses how to smoothly integrate current equipment, product parameters, coating selection and the processes for superior product finishes. Both liquid and powder coating systems are presented, along with its respective management considerations, equipment needs, environmental concerns, and curing methods.

Product Type: eBooks

Hand Deburring Increasing Shop Productivity (eBook)

A complete inventory of the elements needed to improve your hand-deburring operations. Learn how to calculate true costs, define customer requirements, and understand when hand deburring is the right answer.

Product Type: eBooks

User's Guide to Rapid Prototyping (eBook)

In an age where better faster, and cheaper is the mantra for product development, rapid prototyping is recognized for its ability to help companies achieve these goals simultaneously. However, determining when to apply rapid prototyping require...

Product Type: eBooks

Managing a Paint Shop (eBook)

Focusing on the critical role of management Managing a Paint Shop: Fundamentals of Leadership and Organization discusses both the advances in technology and the increasing management demands required to support new painting technologie...

Product Type: eBooks

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