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Realistic Cost Estimating Second Edition Instructor's Guide (eBook)

Realistic Cost Estimating, Second Edition Instructor's Guide (eBook)

Product Type: eBooks

Realistic Cost Estimating for Manufacturing Third Edition Instructor's Guide

This is the Instructor’s Guide, which complements Realistic Cost Estimating for Manufacturing, Third Edition . It contains answers to the end-of-chapter review questions. As with previous editions, instructors of cost estimating courses can rely on the book and this Instructor’s Guide to provide a solid foundation for manufacturing engineering courses and programs of study.

Product Type: eBooks

Story of a Lean Journey (eBook)

Readers of Story of a Lean Journey will empathize with the plight of Allison Manufacturing Services (AMS) a small manufacturer struggling to survive global competition and specialization to the point where it is trying to be everything...

Product Type: eBooks

Kaizen Event Implementation Manual 5th Edition (eBook)

The main goal of kaizen is the elimination of non-value-added activities (waste) through the implementation of one-piece flow, working to takt time, and instituting a pull system. The mantra is to manufacture only what is needed by the customer, when it is needed, and in the quantities ordered. Kaizen has been shown to collapse lead times, dramatically reduce work in process, and reduce scrap and defects while minimizing the need for capital expenditures. Its successful results across industry are real, proven, documented, and confirmed!

Product Type: eBooks

Quick Die Change Second Edition (eBook)

Quick Die Change, Second Edition pulls together various manufacturing concepts to demonstrate how to achieve dramatic setup time reductions. The book covers not only the basics of changing dies quickly but many fundamental concepts of pressworking that affect the correct changeover of dies.

Product Type: eBooks

Manufacturing Processes and Materials Instructor's Guide (eBook)

Suuport material for instructor.

Product Type: eBooks

Fundamentals of Manufacturing Workbook (eBook)

ombined with the book Fundamentals of Manufacturing 2nd Edition,andnbsp;this workbook provides a structured review for the Certifiedandnbsp;Manufacturing Technologistandnbsp;(CMfgT) examination, and is excellent refresher tool for those preparing for...

Product Type: eBooks

Collaborative Engineering and the Internet (eBook)

In manufacturing new communication technologies have ushered in a new era for the team-based product development strategy of concurrent engineering. Known as collaborative engineering, the new phase makes it unnecessary for team members to be i...

Product Type: eBooks

User's Guide to Powder Coating Fourth Edition (eBook)

User's Guide to Powder Coating Fourth Edition combines information on the latest breakthroughs in the industry (notably ultraviolet-curable materials for plastic and wood products, and improved systems) and tried-and-true guidelines from the previous edition (including material selection, design considerations, surface preparation, quality control and testing, troubleshooting and safety, and more) so you can achieve superior finishes with efficiency.

Product Type: eBooks

Benchmarking Manufacturing Processes - Program Ref

Used in conjunction with the Benchmarking Manufacturing Processes Video Program.

Product Type: eBooks

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