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Measurement and Gaging

This program begins with an introduction to the core concepts regarding measurement. These concepts include precision, resolution, accuracy, repeatability, and reproducibility. Standards are addressed featuring sections on gage blocks and surface plates.

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Continuous Improvement: Sustaining the Effort

This Continuous Improvement-Sustaining the Effort program highlights the methods used by manufacturing companies to prevent their continuous improvement efforts from fading away. An interview with Professor Clinton Longenecker provides the reason most improvement programs fail and what you can do to keep your workforce motivated to improve. Three companies that have re-energized their workforce are examined. First, AMP Incorporated used a "treasure hunt" to uncover millions of dollars of improvements. C.R. Bard realized that to sustain continuous improvement they needed to upgrade team members' people skills. Walbridge Coatings found that the motivation from completing the QS 9000 quality certification process has reinvigorated their continuous improvement efforts.

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Re-Engineering the Manufacturing Enterprise

Cross-functional teams replace top-down management, core business processes replace departmental functions, employees are empowered to effect changes, flexibility and rapid response become paramount, and most importantly - the customer becomes a full-fledged partner in your organization. Through case studies with Black & Decker, Aeroquip Corp., and Himont Corp., you'll understand how customer-driven production challenges are met through re-engineering the manufacturing enterprise. Plus, you'll learn critical success factors and performance measures-and how to think more creatively about your competitive position.

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Plastic Blow Molding

Plastic blow molding processes are the most popular methods used to produce hollow products out of thermoplastic materials. Blow molding is performed using a wide variety of production methods, including: extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding, and advanced blow molding processes. This Plastic Blow Molding program provides a detailed discussion of each of these processes, presenting a clear understanding of the similarities and differences between each of them. In addition, information on parison and preform production is provided. The Extrusion Blow Molding segment looks at both intermittent extrusion blow molding and continuous extrusion blow molding processes. The extrusion head and die assembly and machine types, such as the reciprocal screw style blow molding machine, and the accumulator style blow molding machine are featured. The Injection Blow Molding segment examines the various stations in the process, including the injector station, the blow station, and the strip, or eject, station. The Advanced Blow Molding Processes segment details both single and two-stage bi-axial stretch blow molding, and the co-extrusion blow molding processes.

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Introduction to Lean Manufacturing

Use this Introduction to Lean Manufacturing program to familiarize the concept of lean manufacturing to everyone in your organization so they can become more involved in the transition from mass production to lean production. This program explains the core philosophy behind lean manufacturing, and gives insight into why so many companies are adopting the lean principles. This program identifies many value-added and non-value added activities. Learn why total system efficiency is a more appropriate goal than individual efficiencies.

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Breakthrough Kaizen Events

This Breakthrough Kaizen Events program shows an actual kaizen event at the Lantech Corp. where a total of more than 100 improvements were completed. Several new devices are demonstrated so the viewer can understand how the changes improved the process. See how they use a kaizen newspaper to keep everyone informed of any changes that are being made.

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Extrusion Processes

Extrusion is the deformation of either metal or plastic forced under pressure through a die to create a shape. This unique Extrusion Processes program is an introduction to both plastic extrusion and metal extrusion processes. The Metal Extrusion segment looks at hot extrusion, press components, lubrication, force capacity, and the metals that are typically hot extruded. Both warm and cold extrusion processes are featured too, including indirect extrusion, combination extrusion, and impact extrusion. The Plastic Extrusion segment explores components of the screw extrusion machine and common feedstock and materials. The two most prevalent plastic extrusion processes, profile extrusion and blown film extrusion, are also extensively detailed.

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The Cost of Poor Quality

This Cost of Poor Quality program looks at what the failure to achieve a high standard of quality may cost your organization and shows you ways to illuminate the costs of quality so you can see where to start saving. You'll learn effective ways to analyze the cost of quality data and the pitfalls to avoid, methods of eliminating the effects of poor quality, and a strategy for meeting total customer satisfaction. Case studies at the Merix Corp., IBM, and the Copeland Corp. show you successful strategies for reducing poor quality costs. This program is a must view for management, quality supervisors, and production managers looking to improve their company's competitiveness.

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Kanban Systems

Ideal as an introduction to the basic concepts of kanban. See what kanban systems are available, how they work, and where they'll be successful. Discussion centers on how this lean tool supports inventory control to better respond to customer demands, promote visual control, and reduce costs.

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Mechanical and Non-Destructive Testing

This program explores both mechanical and non-destructive tests used to gage the quality of materials and parts throughout the manufacturing process. Mechanical tests are used to gather specific performance or property values of materials for part design purposes and quality control. Non-destructive tests examine an object or material in a manner that does not impair it's future usefulness.

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