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Students have a lot on their minds during college and technology programs. They are especially concerned about getting a job after graduation.

At SME, one of our goals is to help develop professionals so they are ready for the challenging manufacturing environment. SME Certification can help students by giving them an industry-recognized credential that showcases their abilities. They earn a leg up on the competition during interviews for coveted jobs as graduation nears.

With an SME Certification, you earn the following benefits:

  • Industry-recognized credential
  • Differentiator from other job interview candidates
  • Proof that you know your stuff

The certification 4-year engineering and other technology programs find beneficial is the Certified Manufacturing Technologist (CMfgT). Then, as new professionals progress in their career, our advanced certifications-Certified Manufacturing Engineer (CMfgE), and Lean Certification-become appropriate.

Students receive discounted pricing on SME Certification exams and review courses. Take a few minutes to learn more about our certifications and what they can do for you!

Interested in Adding Outcome Assessments to Your Class Curriculum?
By adding SME's Outcome Assessments to your program, you'll have an externally validated measure of student achievement, plus unbiased feedback on the knowledge transfer that occurred within your academic program.

SME offers Outcome Assessments for:

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