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Technical Outcome Assessments for Educators

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SME Outcome Assessments

The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) TC2K and EC2000 criteria emphasize delineating program goals and expected outcomes, along with measuring program effectiveness.

You help shape today's and tomorrow's manufacturing professionals.

Through the resources available within the SME Certification program, you can:

  • Satisfy outcome assessment requirements for accreditation
  • Measure, validate and improve your manufacturing program
  • Help students earn a career credential
  • Use exam results to support accreditation requirements
  • Prepare students to excel in manufacturing careers

Educators Toolkit

The basics you need when you give the exam. More

Certified Manufacturing Technologist (CMfgT) Exam

Know that you have prepared your students (and given them an edge) for the workplace with relevant technical, practice and managerial skills by administering the CMfgT exam as an outcome assessment for your academic curriculum.

Outcome assessments are the preferred metric for 4-year academic institutions verifying program effectiveness and productivity, and supporting ABET accreditation requirements. You'll have an externally validated measure of student achievement, plus unbiased feedback on the knowledge transfer that occurred within your academic program.

The results from the assessment report are easy to interpret through the graphic representation of examinee performance. By glancing down the columns, you can quickly identify the program's strengths and deficiencies. And, by using this exam over the years, the data collected can identify trends and document the effects of any revisions or changes that you make to your curriculum.

Offer the exam as a benefit to your students and their future while affirming your program effectiveness, quality of teaching and gain a tool for future planning.

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