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SME is passionate about helping manufacturing professionals, students, educators and companies achieve their full potential. Training, scholarships, information and resources are just a few of the many tools and services that SME has available to help you succeed.


Focus TU
Tooling U-SME
An industry leader in training manufacturers
Training and professional development is the key for the future success of manufacturing. And, forward-thinking technical schools and community colleges are critical partners in this effort. Tooling U-SME has developed an extensive and diverse catalog of manufacturing-specific content and innovative learning tools to help manufacturers bolster their expertise and leverage their people to successfully compete in today's economy.

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SME Education Foundation
Inspiring, preparing and supporting the next generation of manufacturers
The SME Education Foundation’s mission is to prepare youth for advanced manufacturing careers through outreach programs encouraging students to study science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), with a particular focus on technology and engineering.


Focus Events
SME Events
Best practices and local needs for manufacturers
SME Events offer in-depth conference sessions, workshops and student summits to address the current skills gap, opportunities in manufacturing careers and how companies can best train and prepare their workforce to remain competitive. Many conferences focus on what skills are needed in the local market and what is happening in STEM education.

Focus Membership
Learn, connect and advance your career
SME members are manufacturing professionals, researchers, educators and students who are looking to connect with peers, gain knowledge related to manufacturing technology and trends, solve problems and participate in leadership opportunities.




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